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Hi everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for all the good luck wishes concerning my upcoming exams. I wish you the best of luck too!

This post is different from the ones I usually publish on Shark Attack, but it's about a matter I'd like to talk to you about. I noticed that I get a lot of comments who go like this:

"Great blog! If you follow me I will follow you!"

I really have mixed feelings about comments like these. To me, they don't seem sincere at all. They're just a platform to gain a lot of followers and I refuse to take part in this. I don't have any problems with my readers leaving the link to their blog in a comment (I do it too) and I love discovering new blogs. But there's a difference between leaving a nice comment with a link to your blog and leaving a comment which only says: "Follow me". Looking at comments, it's usually easy to tell who actually read your post and who just commented with the hopes that you'll follow their blog.

Right now, I have 209 followers on Google Friend Connect and 106 followers on Bloglovin'. There could have been many more if I also commented with "Follow me and I'll follow you", but I want people to follow me because they actually like my blog and not because I asked them to. So I'm very pleased with the 209 followers I have here instead of having thousands who probably don't even look at my blog with sincere interest. :)

I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings with this post, but it was something I really had to share with you. I'd also like to know your opinion on this. Shoot!

x Krizia


  1. I have the same feeling, they ask it and they never come back.
    I like my readers because they really love my blog and read and comment.

    I think it's not about how many subscribers but about readers that love what you do!
    And I love your blog!!!


  2. So glad you said this out loud!

    I've already put an "AS FOR THE FOLLOW AND FOLLOW BACK QUESTIONS: SORRY GUYS BUT I DON'T DO THAT..." message in my comment box but still I keep receiving proposals like that. Last week I saw this girl who posted "Stop whoring your blogs cause I will never follow you this way" on her blog. And okay, it might be a little rude expressing it like that but I only felt like "You're right!".

    Anyway, we could indeed have a lot more followers if we did it like that. Like you said, you'll never gain sincere followers taking part in it.


  3. Haha! I think this subject is a very smart chosen one. I must say I don't always read blogs. Sometimes I'm more into reading but when I'm studying like hell, all I do is watch pictures :p. But often I do post something about the pictures if I like them. Some blogs are just more fun to watch and don't need actual reading. Like for example the cherry blossom girl, i often just watch the photos because she doesn't writes a lot of text.
    I have my favourite blogs that I truely read and for the rest I sometimes just watch the photos! I must say I like to actually read Belgian blogs most because I feel more of a connection with the writers :)

    And very often I just forget to post my blog :)


  4. Hi Krizia,
    I share your opinion on this matter, people should only follow blogs they truely like/support and not make a 'trading' out of it just to promote their own blog more.

    Strangely enough, I noticed a slight different kind of spam in my spam commentbox yesterday (while UNSPAMMING your nice comment) : suddenly I noticed that there are a LOT of spam comments saying how 'brilliant' (but really OTT) the posts are, there were at least 50 of this type of comments from different adresses/websites, but judging from those texts I think it is spam aswell, to promote their own site they try to overwhelm people with OTT flattering comments that say nothing on the post itself, in hope they will allow their 'positive' comment... Not happening on FFF as far as I'm concerned! ;-)
    I am glad that they are automatically seen as spam. Have you also had this kind of messages?

    With love, Nona
    P.S. And now off to study, you! ;-)Good luck X

  5. I understand what you mean. I comment on a blog because I want to and because I have something to say (and yes you have to put yourself out there). The one you are talking about is only about copy/ paste. They don’t read your blog and they just visit as much blogs as they can. I always love to hear: I love your blog, but I know it is not true when I see the other sentence. It is very easy because writing comments take a lot of time. PS love the photo with the post, full of irony.

  6. @ Nona: Yes, I know what you mean even if I haven't received a lot of those comments (yet). I also think of that as spamming!

    Thanks for commenting everyone, I love to hear your opinion on this!

  7. Well said!

    Your impatient follower,
    Lien Rina ;-) xx

  8. Ik volg je blog nu ook al een tijdje en bij deze is het misschien tijd om eens een berichtje achter te laten haha
    Ik vind dat je helemaal gelijk hebt!
    En blijf zo verder doen met je blog, echt leuk om te lezen elke keer!


  9. Ziet ge, geen schrik hebben, ge krijgt er enkel positieve commentaar op. Wat altijd zo is als ge zegt wat de rest denkt.

  10. Groot gelijk! Liever geen comments dan standaard zinnetjes die helemaal niets van doen hebben met je post en naar iedereen gestuurd worden. Maar het is verleidelijk en gemakkelijk(er) om zo aan volgers te komen (niet dat dit je doel is bij het bloggen, en bij mij al helemaal niet met mijn amper 7 followers ;) )

  11. :) Jij snijdt een heel courant item aan. Net zoals enkele andere laat ik regelmatig een comment achter als ik een artikel of foto's leuk vind, soms kijk ik alleen naar de foto's omdat die meestal genoeg zeggen kijk maar naar Afterdrk en The Blonde Salad. Je hebt helemaal gelijk dat oprechte volgers natuurlijk effectief je blog lezen, ik volg de jouwe nu toch ook al een tijdje.

    Liefs, Sarah

  12. Totally agree on this. Even though I haven't been around for a long time, almost everyday somebody "would like to follow me if I follow them". Someone even commented "I would like to have you as a follower". What do you say to that? Oh thank you, I'm honoured? I just don't get why they even bother coming to my blog. Like you said: it looks so insincere

  13. @ Sarah: Ja, ik heb het misschien fout geformuleerd, maar ik bedoel niet specifiek lezen. Sommigen zetten gewoon: "Nice blog! Follow me" en dan heb ik het gevoel dat ze ook nog niet eens naar de foto's kijken. :D

  14. You're totally right! After all we blog because we want to share things with people who are interested in the things we have to say...
    It's not a competition :)

  15. You know I agree with you on this one :) I tend to not even look at the blogs of people who leave me a comment like that. Okay, I have to admit that when I started out as a blogger, I may have fallen in this trap once or twice but now I know better :)

  16. I 100% agree with you!
    I always read your entries but i don't usually comment them :$ but let me tell you now that i like your blog and your style and that you are so down to earth girl!
    Greetings from Spain :) x

  17. @ Marian: Aww, thank you, that's so sweet! It's always a pleasure to meet new readers! xoxo

  18. thank you so much 4 your comment :)

  19. Ik volg enkel als ik het echt interessant vind wat ik dus bij jou blog heb! :] Wat heb je nu aan een hoop followers als niemand het leest ? Juist ja niets dus het heeft helemaal geen zin om mensen te verplichten om te followen ! Helemaal gelijk heb je.

  20. Goed gezegd, leuke post! :)

  21. True story!
    Je merkt het idd of mensen lezen of niet.. xxx

  22. You said it gurrrl!! (with a heavy African-American accent) ;)

  23. Follow me, I'll follow you! :-)

  24. i know exactly what you mean- it's like people have copied and pasted a comment just to get hits on their probably not-so-good blog. I feel there's no point leaving an insincere comment- how boring that must be to go through so many blogs you can't even read one post! Good for you for pointing it out- should be stopped!

  25. @ Stijn: Ah, how I love your sense of humor! :'D

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    It's great to know that so many people agree!

  26. I ben het er helemaal mee eens! Reclame maken is natuurlijk nooit verkeerd, en zeker niet als je the new kid on the blog bent, maar wat jij aankaart heeft inderdaad niks meer met oprechte interesse te maken!

    x A.

  27. Jup I totally agree! En die comments hebben meestal een omgekeerd effect op mij, ik ga hun blogs juist niet bekijken.. maar ja :) leuke blog heb je trouwens!

  28. Hi Krizia, I get these comments often, and if I like their blog I will follow. lol. No biggie I guess.

  29. It is great that you post this. I too agree with what you said. I have never gone to a blog and said things like this. I have also never gone to a blog and leaving a link back to my website. It just screams that you want followers. I feel like those followers will never write back to you. Once you follow them that will be the last time you hear from them. Sad but true. I rather wait for real consistent followers that I know enjoy my work Awesome post..

    All the best, Angel

  30. true that!
    i mean, why would you follow blogs that don't interest you -at all-

    but, i am a new follower, i.am.interested. ;)

    love may

  31. Hear hear.
    I think about every single person who doesn't do this kind of thing was thinking the same way about it. If I see this kind of comments pop up on my blog, I don't even bother checking the blog out, seriously...

  32. Ik begrijp wat je bedoelt. Het gaat voor mij niet echt op omdat mijn blog heel klein is met weining volgers. Ik blog voor mezelf en dat mensen het leuk vinden wat ik doe is mooi meegenomen. Als ik zo had gehandeld zoals jij omschreven hebt, had ik misschien meer volgers gehad maar ach, heb liever dat mensen echt kijken en commentaar leveren dan alleen maar loze kreten. Wat ik ook heel erg vind is dat je bijvoorbeeld een comment krijgt van dat je zo leuk bent en superorigineel enzo en dat je vervolgens bij andere blogs precies dezelfde comment steeds voorbij ziet komen :( Goed dat je er een artikel over hebt gemaakt!X

  33. Ik ga helemaal akkoord!
    Ik zie de laatste tijd ook zo meer en meer comments op m'n blog :)

  34. Wow, I never thought I'd get so many comments on this post!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  35. Super!!! J aime
    Angela Donava

  36. absoluut akkoord. Veel meisjes die dat doen weten gewoon nog niet hoe onbeleefd het is denk ik, dus door het ze vriendelijk te zeggen (soms comment ik eens terug om het duidelijk te maken) bespaar ik ze toekomstige problemen. Meestal negeer ik "lege" comments gewoon, en ik doe zelf altijd m'n best om minstens IETS over de inhoud te zeggen :D het voelt veel beter als je veel followers hebt zonder die zever te hebben moeten doen

  37. (eindelijk kan ik reacties plaatsen)

    on topic: couldn't agree more.
    seriously, 't is fijner om te weten dat mensen je blog oprecht leuk vinden en m volgen dan dat ge ze smeekt om je te volgen. Tegewoordig draait alles rond aantallen, horrible.

    meestal kijk ik niet daar zulke profielen, en als ik het toch doe en de blog staat mij écht aan, volg ik soms wel. Maar vaak zijn het die crappy (volgens mij dan) blogs die zulke toestanden uitsteken.

    Goeie post, heb er ooit aan gedacht om er zelf iets over te schrijven, maar kzou t niet beter kunnen verwoorden! nice job missy!

    x Je suis Sophie

  38. That is a beautiful picture by Jak and Jil.

  39. I really understand where you're coming from! this "trade" is a bit silly.. I mean if I like a blog I will follow it, but I DO NOT expect a follow back! and i hope your exams will go well :) last I have to add your blog is great with all the photos and posts! really inspiring<3


  40. i know what you mean -- unfortunately, that is the way this blogging world is ... i only have a couple followers, but i dont mind bc i blog for myself. and when i write comments to other people it is bc i honestly like what pic they posted or what text they wrote. anyways, dont let it get to you. i dont "follow" you in the technical sense on google, but have followed your blog for the past year and love your posts, keep it up :)

  41. J aime ca!!!

  42. volledig akkoord, ik heb daarom mijn google volgers verwijderd. x

  43. thanks for your lovely comment!!
    i agree, i dont like it, it's just to build the numbers up, nothing else, its the quality of the blog which i prefer!!!
    hope exams go well!!

  44. You have a point but for the ones who are new at this, like me, it´s the only way... Thank u for your comment! Come and see the new post. Love from buenos aires

  45. Great blog! If you follow me I will follow you! : P
    I'm only joking!

    I like your post, you are very right. As a relatively new blogger with few followers—it even bothers me! I only follow the blogs that speak to me and your does, so I am your latest follower and am off to read more of your posts. I appreciate your honesty and passion!!!

    All the best

  46. Ik ben het hier zo mee eens! Laatst kreeg ik een comment van een meisje die gewoon iets zei van hoi ik wil meer lezers dus ik doe een wedstrijd, je moet enkel komen commenten op mijn blog. Dat was het. Fijn dat ze zo de tijd nam om mijn blog te lezen en daarop te reageren! Nee zo'n dingen vind ik ook echt niet kunnen!

  47. I just more than hate it. It's soooo irritating and superficial! Or the comments that they just copy and put everywhere, like: "Love it/Love your blog, follow me"
    It's so nice to read comments that are at least a bit personal. I'm not running this popularity contest at all. Having one valuable comment, outruns having 100 of empty ones.


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