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I was relaxing at my aunt's place when my sister tweeted me that I'd been featured on Belmodo, which is one of Belgium's biggest fashion websites. Well, okay, it's only a slight mention of my name and blog, but the fact that I'm on the website in an article written by THE fashionista herself is quite an honor. Brains and beauty behind Belmodo is Tiany Kiriloff: Belgium's biggest fashion addict & fashion journalist for as long as I can remember. I've had the chance to meet Tiany on several occasions now and I'll meet up with her again when I'm going to a special tea party of which I'm hoping to tell you more about very soon. The fact that my first feature was on Belmodo makes it extra special.

The article itself is about the fact that Tiany and other bloggers are still in love with the Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring (including me, owner of two Arty Rings and indeed still in love with them), but that we're in for something new (also true!). So Tiany introduces the gorgeous Immortal Ring by ManiaMania (see picture above) which are available HERE. As you all know, I'm a big fan of chunky jewelry, so these aren't an exception!

And last but not least, I'd like to thank you all for your love and support once again. It's unbelievable to see the amount of followers growing every day, to read all of your kind words through the comments and emails ... It all seems so surreal. Okay, time to quit nagging and leave y'all alone! ;)

Have a great day!

x Krizia 

My two YSL Arty rings they're talking about in the article.


  1. as i said on belmode!! i love the YSL rings a little bit more. told you you know how to work with accessories!!!

    love the chunky rings



  3. Ik had het al gelezen op hun website, leuk! :D x

  4. Proficiat! Ik vind de ringen echt geweldig, spijtig net iets te duur voor mij :)

  5. Yes, I saw it yesterday the tweet of your sister and I thought it was really awesome for you :D I have seen Tiany a couple of times on the TV, she looks cool :-) Have fun when you meet her again soon :D

  6. Proficiat! Ik vind die YSL ringen echt super mooi :D


  7. Congrats on the feature! I love those rings too : )

  8. Congratulations with your feature, I really love all the rings you've posted about in this blog post!

  9. ohhh sweety, I'm so honoured :)
    many thanks and I just adore your hands when both rings are on!



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