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Source: Olsens Anonymous

Gosh, how I love the Olsen twins - not really for their acting skills but for their sense of style. This outfit of Mary-Kate Olsen... Do I need to say more? The Miu Miu shoes, the pants, the Prada stole (which I'm dying to have but probably costs a fortune). Like the French say: J'adore! 

I've got some exciting meetings and events coming up which I'll talk about very soon. One event even contains a hint of risk, but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

x Krizia


  1. love it! de broek en de schoenen -LOVE-

  2. well, i am not such a fan of the girls, but i am a fan of glittered pants!! those miu miu heels are very very tricky to wear. i saw them once on a blog and it was hideous, so those shoes are not made for everybody!!! probably because of the straps and the colors. what i love the most is the casual tee! that is what i call an inspiration, this girl is telling us: it is ok to wear something casual combined with a killer piece

  3. Ik vind haar/hun wel leuk, maar deze outfit vind ik persoonlijk niet zo geslaagd :D Maar ieder z'n smaak he!
    xx Miss you!

  4. Hun stijl is inderdaad fantastisch!
    Ik ben ook al enkele jaren grote fan van hun outifts :)



  5. i love her miu miu shoes!great blog.i am following u dear.follow back if u want :)

  6. Ik vind hun helemaal niet stijlvol, haha.
    Vind de schoenen totaal niet passen bij derest :)
    Maar ik respecteer jou menig natuurlijk!
    Moesten we allemaal het zelfde denken en doen, het zou saai zijn!

  7. I'm not a big fan of the shoes, but that prada fur thingy is fabulous!

    Love the Olsen twins - they really own the "boho look" :D

    Miri's Castle

  8. The shoes are great but don't like the scarf thingy so much :P And so exciting that you're going to some events again, can't wait to hear where you're going :D

  9. Ik vind ook dat ze echt een zalige stijl hebben!
    Die schoenen en broek zijn zo tof!

  10. Great outfit, the Olsens are sometimes a little out there on their choices but I love this one. Plus they always have perfect hair!

  11. toffe schoentjes inderdaad, en die sjaal is wel mooi en fluffy xoxo Sarah


  12. J'adore aussi! Ze zijn zo cool idd. Ook al hebben ze absoluut bizarre items aan, ze maken er altijd iets mooi van!


  13. I agree with you, they have an amazing sense of style! Great post! I really like your blog, maybe you want to follow each other?


  14. ik wou dat ik hun kast kon closet-jacken haha:) Ze zijn echt te sylish voor woorden die twee!

  15. inspiration for life. mk is straight killin it!! :)


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