Outfit // Happy Newyear!

Tonight I'm going to party at a friend's house. We didn't feel like going out, because of the bad weather and because it's all too expensive! I didn't want to pay 30 euros to go to a club where there are way too many people and where I'm not able to move. So we decided to get some food, some drinks and just hang out together and maybe play some Singstar. I hope everyone will survive my singing. ;)

Even though we're not going out, it doesn't mean I can't dress up. I decided to wear a Greek-like dress with golden details my aunt got me for my 20th birthday. I really love it - my only fear is that I will loose the golden studs after wearing the dress too often. So I'll only wear it on special occasions. =)

It's not one of my best pictures, but my sister and I had to hurry. I wish I would fit in her dress, I think it looks absolutely beautiful on her! I hope everyone will enjoy the last evening of 2009 and that 2010 will bring you nothing but good things!

Dress: MANGO // Bag: MANGO // Shoes: NEW LOOK


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