Video // Jimmy Choo For H&M Hysteria

Video: Nieuwsblad.be

Yesterday, H&M launched the Jimmy Choo-collection & boy, I'm so glad I didn't wait in line to get some goodies! Why? Check out the craziness in the following video! Since some of you may not understand Dutch, it basically comes to this:

So, they were letting in groups of 20 people at a time and they only had 10 minutes to search and try on the shoes they wanted. Excuse me, but I am NOT ready in 10 minutes. I would rather save up some more and get me a more exclusive pair of Jimmy Choos, with no one telling me how much time I have to choose and try them on!


  1. OMG! That's CRAZY! Nooo Way would I wait in line with all of that craziness! Of course I can't wait to put Jimmy Choo on my wish list for Christmas!:)
    p.s. I am sooo happy to be back in the blogosphere because I missed your posts due to my busy work schedule!


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