Video // In The Background

Here's a video of the 10th anniversary of Maasmechelen Village with Anouck Lepère which I told you about yesterday. I'm in the video too, can you see me?

For those who didn't find me:
I'm the girl walking in on the background after 30 seconds, totally oblivious and pulling my skirt down for everyone to see, lol. :D Since I didn't get the chance to shoot some outfit pictures, this will give you somewhat an idea of what I was wearing. A thank you to the sweet Valérie of Oona for escorting me to the event & another thank you to the whole Oona and Maasmechelen Village crew for having me there.

x Krizia


  1. Doe ik ook vaak onbewust zo aan mijn rok zitten trekken haha :p xx

  2. Haha 'k had je direct gezien, grappig!

  3. very cute :)

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  4. to be honest, i was not looking at Anouck, but i was looking at the background, it was like, oh that is interesting what is happening in the background!!! you rock girl

  5. Haha wel grappig! :D Och ik trek mijn rokje ook eens bewust of onbewust omlaag, zeker als het een mini-jupe is! Liever die 2-seconde actie doen dan een halfuur rondlopen met een rok die verkeerd zit x

  6. What a nice video, was fun to see you walking in the background ^^


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