Event // 10 Years Maasmechelen Village With Anouck Lepère

Party in my little hometown Maasmechelen today: Maasmechelen Village, Belgium's most famous outlet centre, turned 10 years 'young' today. I had the honor to join the festivities along with Belgium's top model Anouck Lepère. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her black and blue dress / suit and Nicholas Kirkwood-shoes. We all love Nicholas Kirkwood, don't we?

Due to school, I had to pass on the press conference, but I did make it in time to attend the private dinner. I finally saw Patricia again and got to meet Elspeth from the Belgian magazine Glam*it. When we finished our lunch we had the opportunity to take a picture with Anouck. I could feel my self esteem sink to the deepest bottom when I was standing next to her - I should receive the picture very soon, I'm so curious to see how I look next to her. :D

Afterwards, it was time to cut the birthday / cupcake cake, which were so delicious even the people working at the stores of Maasmechelen Village came to get their share of the sweet goodies. It was funny to see all employees walking around with tons of cupcakes. Anouck also let up a bunch of balloons, which all held a card. For every card returned by the person who found the balloon, money will be donated to charity. It's nice to know that, besides only celebrating, Maasmechelen Village and Anouck Lepère are concerned about those who are in need.

Click below to see some pictures of the event.

Isn't she gorgeous? Here she is, Anouck Lepère, one of Belgium's most famous top models.

See? Super models do eat.

In love with the shoes!

I hope to show you the picture of Anouck and I ASAP!
In the meantime, thank you all so much for all the love and support.

x Krizia


  1. Oooh, die taaaart! :-)
    Ziet eruit alsof je je weer super hebt geamuseerd, goeie afleiding van de examens !


  2. O wauw! Het zag er super leuk uit, ben jaloers! Hihi. Ik hou echt van Maasmechelen Village :) Ik hoop dat ik er nog is heen ga met mama na mijn examens! :D xx

  3. Al 10 jaar? Wow tijd gaat snel!

    Ziet er leuk uit!


  4. Beautiful pics!!
    The cake is fantastic!!! ;)
    And I love Anouck's shoes, too!!

    ♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

  5. Mooie foto's. Wat ziet die taart er super uit!

  6. that cake looks insane! she looks stunning indeed, those cheek bones are out of this world. love her interesting dress. such a pure look, so very hard to pull off. hope you had a wonderful day girl

  7. Wauw ziet er super gezellig uit!
    Mooie foto's!


  8. oh i love shoes too = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  9. Wooow, wat een enorme taart! Wil ik ook wel een stuk(je) van :D
    Ze zag er inderdaad heel mooi uit zeg.

    En ja het lopen, ik hoop dat ik het deze keer wel een volhoudt want het is echt erg gesteld met mijn conditie :)


  10. Ziet er leuk uit :) Ik zou mij wss ook maar kleintjes voelen naast een topmodel :)

  11. Great photos! :D Wow, it's a pretty supermodel indeed :) And those shoes are just amazing :D The cupcakes look yummy and delicious :D

    PS: as a reply on your comment on my blog, I really hope for you that you will get to go to the Forever21 party ;) :D

  12. nice pictures babe, it seem like you had lots of fun x

  13. Ze heeft blijkbaar de weg naar botox ook al gevonden :) Groot verschil met "oudere" foto's ..

  14. Amazing that cake!


  15. Is that huge thing a real cake!? or just the cupcakes? either way it looks yummy :P
    You're right, those shoes are awesome!

  16. @ Anoniem: Geen idee! Kan goed zijn, alhoewel ik niet echt iets vreemds aan haar gezicht heb gemerkt.

    @ Aline: No, it were just the cupcakes that were 'real'. :D

    I'm glad you like the pictures, everyone!

  17. Looks like a blast, I love that she is actually eating a cupcake being a model and all lol.

  18. Zag er een leuk event uit! En vooral de cupcakes zien er njummie uit..

  19. Die cakejes zien er zooo lekker uit
    en de schoenen van Anouk! Oh my!!


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