Event // Marlies Dekkers At Brussels

Yesterday, I was invited to discover the Fall / Winter 2011 and the Undressed-collection by Marlies Dekkers. The event took place at a beautiful restaurant in Brussels, called Belgo Belge. I loved the interior of the restaurant - looking at interiors is a tic I inherited from my dad - and the snacks were delicious, so I'm definitely going back.

If you would ask a woman to give one typical detail of a Marlies Dekkers-bra, I'm sure she'd say: the multiple strings attached to the bra above the breast(s). While wearing a loose blouse or a transparent blouse (like I was wearing to the event), those multiple strings can peek out from time to time, which I like. Just don't expose too much, since the label 'trashy' is always around the transparent blouse + visible bra combination.

Those typical details are also present in this collection. While I'm a fan of 'neutral' lingerie - like the black, pale pink and white sets - I also immediately noticed the pink set with the black bows print. The real girly girl in me pops up from time to time. A lot of prints, no prints, bras, corsets ... I love the variety of choice.

I would also like to thank Puck and Sandra from the Marlies Dekkers-crew for inviting me and to thank GillesTitiaAngelique and Michaël for the nice evening.

The event took place at:

Belgo Belge
Vredestraat / Rue de la Paix 20
1050 Elsene (Brussels)

Click below to see more pictures of the event.

With Michaël from Feeling magazine. (Picture by Titia.)


  1. Ooh die roze met zwart is leuk!
    Da's Michaël die het artikel over bloggers schreef en waar je iets over getweet had? :D

  2. ou I like your outfit! I'm usually not a big fan of all sheer tops, but it looks good on you :)
    Very sexy lingerie!


  3. I love the blue one! Your choice, the pink one, is also gorgeous, fellow marlies dekkers lover! :)

  4. Er zitten mooie spullen bij. Leuke locatie zo te zien en mooie foto's!

  5. Denk dat ik de neutrale wel leuk vind, maar heb het niet zo voor heel zichtbaar flashy ondergoed :), valt te zien in welke outfit...

  6. Les photos sont superbes:)
    Angela Donava

  7. wat leuk!


  8. absolute my favorite brand! i don't have the smallest cup size and i am a very small girl, so a bra is the most important piece for me! it makes or breaks my look. love seeing the colors, MD doesn't use a lot of those colors. interested! oh and the conversation with mr. Michael, must have been very interesting

  9. Ha ik vind die haar lingerie zo mooi ;) Je ziet er echt wow uit!!!

    Laura XOXO


  10. There is such much cute stuff! I really like the pink bra though!

  11. Oh, you were lucky to attend that event :D Gotta love Marlies Dekkers lingerie ^^ Great photos! :)

  12. Die lichtroze wil ik sowieso een keer gaan passen. Zo mooi!

  13. Zag er leuk uit!! Je outfit is trouwens echt mooi, vooral dat doorschijnend bloesje!


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