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In these days full of studying I'm literally stuck inside with my PJ's without something interesting happening. Until today! I got featured twice!

The first feature is on one of my favorite blogs Ella And Louise. One of the 3 bloggers behind E&L is one of my dear friends Kim and she wrote this post. I think it's so sweet of her and I'm just loving my nickname! Lots of love right back at ya, Shaniqua! :D
I love the fact that I have such great friends which are also bloggers, instead of all the rivalry that's going on between certain bloggers right now.
To see the whole post, click HERE.

The second feature is on Dressology HQ. It's an article on the Stiletto Bloggers Run I participated in last Sunday. Thank you so much for featuring me, Sada! 
To see the whole article, click HERE.


  1. Die van E&L had ik al gelezen, leuk! :D x

  2. <3 <3 <3 blog love forever, lady friend!

  3. Inderdaad haha :D
    En oh leuk kreta, kan volgens mij echt niet tegenvallen!

  4. i love you girls, so i hope i wont be confronted with the rivalry!!! i wish i was there last saturday because i love love meeting you girls and talking to you (oh and don't forget the guys). BTW the photo is gorgeous and i love the fact that you are both wearing colored jeans. spread the love girl, spread the love

  5. Ahw, that's nice for you that you got featured again :D You deserve it :D

    Good luck with studying, you can do it! :)

  6. Ooh echt tof!
    Nog veel succes met uw examens hé! :D x

  7. Wat een leuke foto van Kim en jou! En natuurlijk proficiat met de features!

    Ik vind het ook zo tof dat de Belgische bloggers zo goed met elkaar overweg kunnen!
    Veel succes met de examens!!

  8. I love colourful jeans!

    Please follow:

  9. First of all, veel success met jou examens!!! Je kan dat! :)

    Then, congrats for the featurings! The feeling should be very nice after seeing yourself refered in other blogs or websites!

    Finally, my BF told me something few days ago about all this blog world issues: It is not necessary to compete when you are doing just what you really like, for what you really feel passion about... The idea is: you must enjoy it because it is your hobby, not your work! :) And I agree...!


  10. Congrat, heel erg leuk!
    En succes met de examens!



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