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Hi guys!

I'm leaving for Paris Fashion Week tomorrow, where I'll attend the Showroom Belgium-event. 
Twelve upcoming Belgian designers will present their collections in Paris and I'm 
very excited, but above all curious, to see what Belgium's new talent has in store 
for us.

Even if I'm only going one day - I have a family reunion party on Saturday - I'm 
going crazy on what to take with me! Here's a sneak peek on the accessories I'm 
thinking about bringing with me:

My Chanel-bag will come with me for sure, since Paris is the place where Coco 
Chanel started her empire. I'm also bringing my BCBG Max Azria-clutch, just in 
case I change my mind. (1st picture)

And then we have the shoes... Throughout the day, I'm planning to wear the 
black River Island-wedges on the right. They're comfortable, yet not too common 
for Fashion Week. For the evening, I'm still doubting between the black peep toe 
ankle boots from Mango or my Mary Janes by Versace. (2nd picture)

And last but not least, my Galliano-shirt. I hope the weather will allow me to 
wear it throughout the day, since the fabric is thin and it leaves part of my back 
uncovered. I have a second (yet non-Galliano) shirt, that will save me if I can't 
wear this one. (3rd picture)

I don't approve what John Galliano said at all, but it is obvious he has some great 
issues and (drinking) problems. He definitely needs some professional help, and I 
think it's very sad that people are turning his back on him now that he needs our 
support the most. It's obvious he was very intoxicated on the video and I think the 
video is just a small part of something bigger -- Something we don't know of. 
He did great things for Dior, and honestly? I think they're making a big mistake by 
firing him, even if I can understand their point of view too. 
But then again, I'm just a tiny fashion blogger who wants to show her love and 
support for this genius (who just had to be a teeny tiny bit smarter...)

I'd love to hear your opinions on this matter, though.
Spill it out!

x Krizia


  1. oh girl, you in Paris, me in NYC, 2 fabulous trips. Hope you’ll have fun and bring back lots of stories and photos. have a fabulous trip

  2. Have fun in Paris lady! Ben benieuwd naar je foto's :)

  3. Oh wow have fun in paris! it's my dream to one day visit that place!! and with those items you'll be bringing with you, i think you're gonna be fine ;D

  4. Haha the Galliano shirt :) Go rock the PFW girl!

  5. Have lots of fun in Paris! :D Looking forward to see your photos and perhaps videos of it :D Have a good trip! :)

  6. Heel veel plezier in Parijs. Weet in ieder geval zeker dat je er prachtig uit zal zien :) X

  7. Thank you for all the 'have fun'-wishes! :D
    I'll do my best to take a lot of pictures!

    x Krizia

  8. love the bag!

  9. Have fun Krizia! I love your Chanel bag!!

  10. Ik ben zo benieuwd naar je foto's!! Have fun!!

  11. @ Petra: Ik zal m'n best doen, hihi.

    Thanks, everyone! Xoxo

  12. love your Galliano shirt! don't like what he did, but you can't admit that he didn't do some great things for Dior!

  13. I love your chanel bag, take the bag without a doubt! but do not take your shirt Galliano ... I am very angry with him ...
    follow me! kisses

  14. Have fun in Paris!
    I'm in love with the 2.55 and the versace heels!


  15. super!!! The Blonde Salad is daar ook! :)

  16. Geniet van je trip, ben benieuwd naar de foto's, veel trekken hé ! xxx

  17. here again! checking for new updates :)

  18. I'd love to have a Galliano shirt !

  19. Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments!

    @ Superblondeep: Don't worry, I didn't wear the shirt! :D


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