Feature // Affreux

Is there a better way to come home from a long day of work, only to find out that 
someone wrote some sweet things about you and your blog?
I don't think so!
Well, this happened to me today
The sweet Manon from the blog Affreux wrote some kind words about Shark Attack. 
I'm still honored every time someone features me, I don't think I'll ever get used to it!
So, once again: Thank you, Manon!

This is also the perfect opportunity to thank you all once again for the sweet 
comments and support. I would be nothing without you!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts the past days, but work and school have been demanding 
most of my time.
But there are some nice events coming up real soon, so stay tuned!

P.S.: The picture will bigger and more clear if you click on it.

x Krizia


  1. fabulous, i always love it when somebody is spreading the blog love. of course your are fabulous. as i said before, you know how to create an outfit, because you know how to wear accessories. so i definitely will stay tuned.

  2. I feel so pleased to read this! :) I loved that I made your day better and now you made mine! :) Can't wait to meet you in Antwerp ( waarom schrijf ik in het engels? :p )

  3. @ Affreux: Bij mij is dat een soort van automatisme! :D

  4. Features zijn altijd leuk toch? Gefeliciteerd! About Rick Genest ik vind hem heel gaaf.

  5. Ik heb je een award gegeven schat!

    x Sabrina


  6. Awww how nice! Like they always say, sharing is caring : )

  7. aww yeah, it really is heart warming feeling to be featured :D

  8. Ahw, that's kind of that girl to do that :D You deserve it :D

  9. Ik deel haar mening, je bent echt één van de grootste fashionistas in België :D! Keep up the lovely work x

    theblackm4ze.blogspot.com xo


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