Paris Fashion Week // Showroom Belgium


Here are the official pictures of the Showroom Belgium-event 
I attended during Paris Fashion Week, since my pictures were

As I told you before, the concept of the event was to give 
the opportunity to 13 Belgian designers to show and present 
their collections to the international fashion industry
the media and potential buyers.

The designers were chosen by the Flanders Fashion Institute 
(FFI) and Wallonie-Bruxelles Design/Mode (WBDM). Not only to 
they give the upcoming fashion designers the chance to present 
their collections in Paris, they also give them advice and 
assistance concerning the buyers.

The reason why I'm dedicating a whole post to this event? 
We all know how difficult it is to create a stable career in 
the fashion world. So, I wanted to support the upcoming talent 
of my little country in any way I can.
I also find it amazing how our two big fashion institutes believe
in the young designers and do everything they can to support and 
launch their careers.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the event.
Which one is your favorite? 

P.S.: All pictures are courtesy of Mark Florquin.
P.P.S.: The first picture is courtesy of Cindy from Glamour Bbey.
I liked this one more than the one I took. :D
P.P.P.S: My dad and I totally fell in love with the location. 
We could totally see ourselves living there.

Showroom Belgium, Paris

Showroom Belgium, Paris

Showroom Belgium, Paris

Showroom Belgium, Paris

Showroom Belgium, Paris


Showroom Belgium, Paris

Showroom Belgium, Paris


Showroom Belgium, Paris

Showroom Belgium, Paris



  1. Ik post dit weekend erover & dan zet ik je er ook op meid xx

  2. woohooo you look fabulous, love that dress, all the different blacks are fabulous

  3. Believe me dear Krizia, I would like to see that peruvian government would support our young and talented designers as much as belgian government does with theirs. I like your post, that means you feel proud and happy of being belgian :) Lovely pics!! :)

  4. Cupcakes en strikjes! :) Welke ontwerper had die mooi strikjes tassen en haarbanden? :)

  5. So true wat je schreef over hoe moeilijk het is om carrière te maken in de mode.
    Fijne foto's en het lijkt me inderdaad een leuke plek!

    x Je suis Sophie

  6. @ Affreux: Dat is 'The Cookie Therapy'. =)

  7. Volgende keer mag ik mee, he?! :p

    x Sabrina


  8. waw super leuke foto's, jullie zien er prachtig uit x

  9. Beautiful pics Krizia. You are looking fab as always! :)

  10. Great photos! How do those models stay soooo skinny with all of those cupcakes around, I want one!

  11. Cool, vooral die foto's in 360 graden zicht :) Leuk jurkje ook in combinatie met jasje.


  12. Je outfit ziet er echt weer prachtig uit!
    Lief van jou dat je ook de nieuwste ontwerpers uit ons landje wil steunen :D
    Toffe foto's x

  13. I'm glad you enjoyed this post!
    Trying to promote my tiny country! :D

  14. I love it!

    Join the feather earrings give away on my blog if you like :)


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