Event // Steve Madden in Antwerp

Hi everyone!

In my previous post, I was talking about some exciting events I'll be attending 
soon. I can already reveal one of them:
On the 31st of March, I'll attend the opening of the first European Steve Madden-store!
The event will take place in Antwerp and I'm very excited to be part of it.

If you don't know who Steve Madden is - shame on you! - I suggest you take a 
look at his website HERE. He designs some great shoes!
While checking out his website, my eyes immediately spotted the beauties on the 
picture above.
Aren't they adorable?
Of course, you can expect a full report right here on Shark Attack.

And also, my dear friend Sabrina from Vitalitijd gave me an award. I have to 
tell 10 things of myself that nobody knows. This seemed like something fun, 
so here we go:

1. I'm studying to become an English and history teacher, even if I'm not sure if 
I'll start teaching right away when I graduate. Maybe I'll focus some more on the 
blog first, and start teaching later. I'm still undecided. But I really want my 
diploma, since you're basically nothing without one here in Belgium.
2. I'm a big fan of Days Of Our Lives, you know, that television soap for old 
ladies. My mom and I started watching it about 5 years ago, and we've been 
addicted ever since!
3. I love animals and always start to cry when I see animal cruelty. If I ever win 
the lottery, I want to open a shelter for mistreated animals and give them a nice 
4. Besides fashion, reading is my second big interest. I don't know how many books 
I own now, but I know that I have A LOT of them. I don't even know where to store 
5. Both of my parents are Italian, but almost everyone thinks I'm Belgian because 
of my light hair, eyes and skin. Nevertheless, I'm still very proud of my heritage! 
And yes, I speak Italian too!
6. If I could change something from my body, it would be my ... uhm ... 'bottom'. 
It's too J.LO / ducky-ish, if you know what I mean.
7. I'm finding it VERY difficult to tell 10 things about myself!
8. During the weekends and holidays, I work in a restaurant at Maasmechelen Village.
9. When I was little, I used to have a crush on Peter Andre. I still wonder how that's 
10. I admire you for reading this! :D 


  1. Uiteraard ben ik ook superexcited voor de komst van Steve Madden :) Ik wacht nog op mijn uitnodiging ahum ahum :D maar ik ben de 31e sowieso al in Antwerpen voor River Island dus dan kan ik mss eens komen piepen bij Steve Madden ;)

  2. Ooooh, so awesome that you will attend that event, they have such awesome shoes :D Have lots of fun in advance when you will go there and take pictures please if it's possible :D

    Fun to read those 10 tags by the way and I have the same thing with animals, love animals :)

  3. so happy for you that you will attend all kinds of exiting events. of course they ask you because you are fabulous. and i cannot wait to see your report about the events. the 10 things are really fun to read. I definitely will look for you next time I am in the village. BTW I am/was a history teacher too. I also taught religion and geography.

  4. Ik denk dat "1e Steve Madden winkel van Europa" een foutje van pravda is, want ik ben namelijk in die van Londen geweest (bij de Seven Dials). Nuja, ik kijk ook zo ontzettend uit naar deze opening! #shoeporn #love! :D

  5. You are againts animal cruelty but you buy items made with fur? :S

  6. @ Anonymous: I don't own any real fur! The fur tale I applied on my Chanel-bag during Paris Fashion Week was a fake one from H&M!

  7. Oh Krizia zo tof dat je de opening mag bijwonen :D. Love shoes stores! Wat zijn je favoriete boeken trouwens?


  8. @ Pieter: Tot m'n favorieten behoren zeker 'De Witte Masaï' en 'In Een Sluier Gevangen'. Ik hou van waargebeurde verhalen, maar ook informatieve boeken spreken me aan. Ik ben momenteel een boek over sektes aan het lezen, zéér interessant!

  9. I mean your desing handbags most of them are made with leather.

  10. @ Anonymous: I don't think those animals are killed only to be used for handbags. Unless you buy a Hermès crocodile Birkin-bag, who are known to keep and kill crocodiles just for the bags!

  11. leuk dat je dat event mag bijwonen, veel plezier zou ik zeggen! xoxo Sarah


  12. Ik houd ook echt van dieren. Ik zou het liefste alles wat harig is mijn huis in sleuren om het te verzorgen en een goed leven te geven.X

  13. Yes,

    eindelijk nog iemand gevonden die een passie heeft voor geschiedenis!!! Ik heb Geschiedenis gestudeerd aan UA!

    Ik heb u gisteren gezien in River Island, 20 % was de moeite!


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