Paris Fashion Week // Outside Dior

Hi everyone!

I'm back from Paris Fashion Week, and it was a hectic, but wonderful day!
Since the Showroom Belgium-event wasn't until 7 p.m., I had some free time 
throughout the day. My dad and I decided to have a look outside of the Dior show, 
which was located at Musée Rodin

The amount of people outside of the show was insane! But anyhow, it was nice to 
experience something like this. 
I saw a lot of famous faces & bloggers walking around.

Here are some pictures - I hope you like them!

P.S.: Not all of the pictures are of great quality, since there
was a lot of pushing and pulling. ;)

P.P.S.: I saw another celebrity on the Champs Elysées, but that's
for the next post! 

x Krizia

I didn't wear my Galliano-shirt, since my dad refused to go to 
the Dior show if I wore it. So I wore my Christopher Kane for 
Topshop-shirt instead. 

The many people outside Dior.

Arrival of actress Fan Bing Bing - The amount of security was

Emilie from My Little Fashion Diary

I finally saw Sofie from Fashionata again!

I loved his glasses and sneakers.

Anna Dello Russo // Fashion Director for 
Vogue Nippon

Natalia Vodianova // Model

Chiara from The Blonde Salad

Franca Sozzani // Editor of Vogue Italia

Grace Coddington // Creative Director for American Vogue

Emanuelle Alt // Editor In Chief for Vogue Paris 

I met this girl because a photographer wanted to take some 
pictures of us. Unfortunately, I didn't catch her name. All I know
is that she's a British model. If you recognise here, please
let me know! 

And last but not least... 'The King Is Gone' - Security wasn't
too happy with this guy walking around (how could he even walk
on that???), but he did get some attention with his statement ...
And outfit. :D


  1. He didn't even have the courtosy of shaving his legs :(

  2. OMG how did he squeeze into those Louboutins? Love it :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! Looks like you had a great time, & of course looked awesome doing it : )

  4. Je hebt zoveel mooie kleren en dan kies je voor deze samenstelling. C'mon het is paris fashion week, had het iets specialer gemaakt!

  5. Great photos, you looked really great as well! :) Looking forward to see which celebrity you saw in your post ;)

  6. Wow you got some great pictures! I'm going to need him to nair those legs before putting on those fierce boots.

  7. Beautiful pictures!!! You re very lucky dear Krizia for having this kind of experiences :D Great job! And your outfit was perfect! Thumbs up!!!

    About the pics, two called my attention: first one, Emilie with that colorful outfit, so so actual, and then Natalia Vodianova, that girl looks always so beauty and natural, I really like her style and image... Finally, that guy was refering -I suppose- to Galliano right? I have to check inmediately what happened with him and Dior because Ive been disconnected of the world for some time... kisses!!

  8. great experience Krizia! xoxo Sarah


  9. @ Angela R.: Yes, I think it's so sad what happened with John Galliano. :(

    I'm glad you liked the pictures, everyone! :D

  10. @ Anoniem: Ik vond deze outfit wel tof voor PFW (obviously) :D
    Ik weet niet wat denkt dat ik had moeten aandoen, maar ik ben niet één om met zo'n events alles uit m'n kast te trekken en aan te doen (zoals ik er veel heb zien rondlopen).
    Ik hou gewoon van deze stijl, maar dat is gewoon een kwestie van persoonlijke smaak! :D

  11. Mooie foto's zeg! Drukke bedoening wel.
    Natalia Vodianova ziet er fantastisch uit, je hebt haar echt goed vastgelegd op foto! En ja, dat laatste geval.. :-) Hij maakt in ieder geval een statement!

  12. the pictures are amazing!!
    you have a really nice blog and i strong sense of style!!!i am following on bloglovin' as well!
    would love to see you follow back if you like my blog of course!!


  13. Leuk, leuk, leuuk! Volgende keer kom ik mee ;) zal wel supertof geweest zijn allemaal!

  14. Thank you all so much!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures! :D

  15. Ik vind net dat je er super uitzag en niet 'too much'.
    Toch zou het geweldig geweest zijn moest je je andere shirt aangedaan hebben :D

    x Je suis Sophie

  16. @ Het name is Sophie: Ja, maar dan weigerde m'n papa mee te gaan, haha. Anders had ik hem zeker aangedaan. :D

  17. Thanks for sharing!! Such a dream to go to Paris Fashion week. Hopefully soon!

  18. @ Helena from BrooklynBlonde: You're welcome! If you ever come to Paris, let me know! Maybe we could meet! =)

  19. wat leuk zeg, al die bekende gezichten, je ziet er super uit x


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