Spotted: Sugar For Your Closet

It was only yesterday that I came across the Belgian online shop / blog: 
Sugar For Your Closet.
There aren't that many online fashion shops in Belgium (or not that I know of), 
so I love to discover new ones.

It's not a secret that I'm a fan of big, gold, chunky jewelry (the more, the better), 
so you can imagine my happiness when saw the type of jewelry Sugar For Your Closet is selling.

The online shop sells the following brands: 

Mawi // Zoe & Morgan // Finsk

That's right, the popular Finsk-shoes, which have been spotted at the feet of 
Andy (Stylescrapbook), Sabrina (after DRK), Chiara The Blonde Salad and Bryan 
(Bryanboy)are being sold by Sugar for Your Closet!

For the moment, Sugar For Your Closet only ships to Europe.
Hurry up, because there are sales going on!

Now I only have to find someone who wants to buy me one (or more, of course) of 
these beauties - I'm studying for my exams, which means I have no income at the 
moment. Boo! 

Click below to see some of my favorite jewelry.
Which one is / are your favorite(s)?



  1. Heb ze ook op Facebook, geweldige collecties hebben ze! xx

  2. Ok going to check this site right now!How stunning stuff!I'm just starring at the bracelets and the necklaces!Thanks for sharing dear!

  3. wat een mooie collectie, de armbanden vind ik prachtig en ook de laatste hanger ! x


  4. Hmmm, not sure if they are my style but I like the last necklace though with the heart :-)

  5. @ Liesewiesje: You love 'em or hate 'em. :D

  6. awww that's so pretty.I mean, I'm in love with these jelwery. <3 and with your blog also.


  7. @ Raissa: Oh, that so sweet! Thank you!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
    Aren't these jewels such beauties?

  8. Super leuke shop! De juwelen zijn echt prachtig!! Maar ietsjes te duur haha:)

  9. oh wow those necklaces are really standing out and they are so unique! i love statement necklaces and bracelets and rings so i fell in love with the ones you posted here! i never ever heard of this site but since the first moment you said that it sells finsk shoes i jumped to the link the admire those stylish shoes that bloggers seem to love that much! thanks so much for sharing with us this site! you rock!
    xoxo marianna of http://redpurplefashionista.blogspot.com/

  10. by the way i love the last three items! they look so nice! especially the necklace at the 6th picture with the pearls looks like a necklace that a stylish royal would wear wow! i now checked out the collection of finsk shoes! i am in loveeee! i am so happy right now! i foudn a site with finsk shoes! yeahhh! thanks again for sharing it with us

  11. @ Mariannaxoxo: You're welcome, sweetheart! :D


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