Things I Can't Live Without

I had my first exam this morning, and I think it went well, but I won't talk about 
it too much, because I don't want to jinx it.
I got up at 6 a.m., and I literally look like *tuut*, so no outfit post today.

The title of this post says it all, I guess. Here are some things I definitely 
cannot live without. The idea to write this post popped up in my head when I got 
home from school.
How come? Just go to the Blackberry-section and you'll understand. 

The first thing I can't live without is, of course, my blog. I never imagined it 
would become such an important part of my life.

My Blackberry and the picture of me with Baptiste Giabiconi. :D
When I got home from school, I couldn't find my Blackberry anywhere, which is 
impossible, since I always have it with me. I searched the whole house and started 
to panic when I couldn't find it. I went to look outside, and there it was, on the 
sidewalk in front of my house. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I got 
out of the car. I then realized - shame on me - that I can't live without my 
Blackberry and got the idea to do this post. :D

I love Perez Hilton's blog. 
I check it multiple times a day to keep myself updated on what's going on in Hollywood.

My cat - the love of my life.

The best iced tea ever: Estathé
I drink these non-stop, but I'm trying to cut it down a bit, since they are full 
of sugar. They remind me of the long summers I used to spend with my family in 
Italy, where it's originally from. I'm so happy they also sell them in our local 

My Chanel with golden hardware.
My baby, my treasure ... I think I'd literally cry if something happened to it.

My agenda, since I tend to forget things sometimes...

My YSL Oval Arty-ring, which was found in New York by my sister, after a long, 
intense and frustrating search.

The Longchamp Le Pliage-bag, which I use to go to school and work.

My beloved iPod, which contains artists such as Guns 'n Roses, The Sex Pistols, 
Oasis, Michael Jackson and many more.

A sort of 'hook' to hang your bag on the side of a table, so that you don't have 
to put your bag on the ground. 
One of the best inventions ever, if you ask me.

I can't live without foundation.
I never use the same one, because I like to try different ones and right now, I'm 
using this foundation from Dior. It's alright, but it makes my skin dry sometimes.

Some souvenirs from Disneyland Paris.
Even if I'm 21 years old now, I still love them - they contain so many happy 
childhood memories. 
P.S.: Ariel is armless, I know... :D


  1. Ik zou ook niet meer zonder mijn YSL kunnen leven :)

  2. Leuk! We hebben alvast een paar dingen gemeen - de blog, gsm (voor mij dan htc wildfire) en de ring! :) jammer genoeg niet de chanel, maar ik zou hem ook niet kunnen missen ;)

  3. Dat handtasding is wel origineel, waar koop je dat? :)

  4. @ Groenwol: Die kan je overal wel krijgen. Vaak in zo van die prullenwinkeltjes, of misschien bij de Must in de M2. Deze heb 'k toevallig in Maastricht gevonden. Als ik ze ergens zie laat ik het je zeker weten!

  5. I love posts like these when you can have a look inside a bloggers life. Makes the blog all the more dear.

    I love your bag ....I have seen it many times but never knew where it was from but it has such an air of sophistication about it...gorgeous.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Canada

  6. Echt een superleuke post meid :D! xx

  7. Thanks for the comments, girls!
    I'm glad you liked the post!

  8. heel leuk artikel & love it all!

  9. leuke post, de longchamp is een fantastische tas om doordeweeks te dragen! Kan tegen wat stootjes! Ik heb bijna net dezelfde ;)
    xoxo Sarah


  10. heb ook een blackberry, vind het een super mobile. Jouw chanel handtas is prachtig. Ooit wil ik ook zo een x


  11. Oooh, what a nice blog post! :D Which Blackberry model do you have ? Still searching for a good mobile phone which is easy to surf on and use network sites, etc :-)

    And can I say that I adore your Chanel purse and the Tinkerbell/Disney stuff ? Disney is awesome <3 :D

  12. @ Liesjewiesje: It's the old Blackberry Bold, they don't make them like this anymore. There are new ones available in the stores!

  13. Nice stuff honey!We use the same foundation and the 'hock' is a great idea,haven't seen something like that before!Hope I can find one here in Greece too!

  14. Leuke post..
    ♥ my blackberry and macbook too

  15. EVERYONE has one of those Longchamp bags at my uni, they're so practical they fit everything instead and can actually hold it while not breaking/falling apart.
    PerezHilton has been my addiciton for about 5 years now, I'm a little ashamed :P
    I'd feel the same way if I had that Chanel bag, I LOVE it :D

  16. fist of all your chanel bag is upsolutely gorgeous! i wish i had a chanel bag i would cry it something happened to it too! it's like a piece of art you need to take care of it!you are so lucky to have a chanel bag! wow and the ysl ring wow i see many bloggers and fashionistas wearing this ring in coral color but the blue one is so much better it really stands out! as for the ipod i love it's pink color

  17. @ Mariannaxoxo: Yes, I didn't take the coral one, because I wanted something else. :D I like them in all colors, though!


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