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Friday morning. About 8.30 in the morning. The bell rings. 
Now, since I was home alone and my mom always told me I'm not allowed to answer the door to strangers (lol), I first decided to stay in bed. But most of the time, people ringing your doorbell in the morning usually come with something good. I didn't order anything, but hey, you never know if you have a secret admirer who wants to spoil you with stuff, right? So, I decided to answer the door anyway - I'm such a rebel. 

I found a package with my name on it - I always get so excited when I get mail, even if it's in a silly envelope - and it turns out that the sweet people at Yapado were the 'secret admirers' this time. I think the package's already giving some clues on what's inside the bag, but if you want to know for sure, just click, click, click below! 

As you probably could guess by looking at the picture above, I got the Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure collection for me to try out. I'm a big Katy Perry fan, going from her super duper outfits and hairdo's to her catchy, poppy tunes. I even went to her concert in Brussels last year and transformed into a true journalist, keeping everyone on my Twitter updated on what was happening. ;)


The Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure collection consists out of 4 different pairs, going from natural to party proof lashes. And what's even better: they're handmade, 100 % natural and you can use them multiple times. I like! Wanna hear what Katy Perry has to say about the collection herself?

1. Sweetie Pie

"Perfect for those trying out fake lashes for the first time. They're cute and subtle, but they still give you that perfect dose of length and volume."


2. Oh Honey!

"I love the vintage twist at the ends of these lashes. They're full, fun and perfect for day and night."


3. Cool Kitty

"One of my favorite pair of lashes! They're perfect to wear at night. Use the smokey look as the perfect finishing touch, which will make everyone purr when you walk by."


4. Oh, My!

"I'm a big fan of the Eylure Double Lashes, so these had to be in my own collection. They're full with texture, but still very light and very wearable. They're the perfect accessory for the eyes."


So, which one's your favorite?
I've never used fake lashes before, so I think I'm going to start with the 'Sweetie Pie' ones first. My biggest fear is to glue my eyelids together - a little tube of glue is included, by the way! - but I'm also very excited to try them out! I will show you the result, of course. I've got some excited events coming up the next two weeks (you can see them in my agenda on the right), so I've got the perfect excuse to wear fake lashes. 

If you have any tips and tricks on how to apply fake lashes easily, please share them in the comment box below. Beauty bloggers ... Spill it! 

x Krizia


  1. Draag ze naar 'The Big You'! :)
    Ik heb ze al geprobeerd, zijn heel gemakkelijk om aan te brengen hoor. Er staat in dat dossier om met een wattenstaafje te gebruiken om het vast te plakken (ipv een pincet, veel pijnlijker).
    Can't wait to see it! x

  2. Ik heb het zelf ook nog nooit gedragen maar ben echt super benieuwd! Ik zou ook beginnen met Sweetie pie.
    Ze zien er echt heel leuk uit. Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat ;) En of het makkelijk is om het aan te brengen :)

  3. I suggest watching lot's of youtube videos, I personally suck at applying lashes, tweezers are a great tool :)

  4. Love it! Wat heel erg helpt is tweezers gebruiken en daarmee je valse wimpers pakken. Dan kom je van de bovenkant met de valse wimpers op je oog af, niet rechtuit, want dan ga je automatisch je oog toe willen doen. Daarna leg je het voorzicht op je wimpers, het midden eerst, en dan met de tweezer de uiteindes aandrukken, lukt zo makkelijker! Laat de lijm ook eerst wat 'tacky' worden, anders pakt hij niet zo goed op je huid :). Hoop dat je iets aan deze vage uitleg hebt, lol!

  5. Leuk cadeautje! Ik heb zelf nog nooit valse wimpers geprobeerd en vrees dat het me niet zou lukken ook niet. Ben benieuwd wat het resultaat gaat zijn bij jou. :-)

  6. Haven't tried fake eye lashes before, so I can't help you :(
    You changed your lay-out didn't you?


  7. @ Bree: Yes, I totally ruined the previous lay out and this was the best I managed to 'fix' it. But I'm talking to a web designer to give it a total make over!

  8. Zelfs het zakje is al super leuk! :-D Dat zijn altijd van die zakjes om bij te houden!
    PS: ik hou ook enorm van 'mail' - zelfs bij reclame van het één of ander! :-)

    Jolien xx

  9. Ik heb het tot nu toe nog maar 1 keer uitgeprobeerd en ze sprongen echt de hele tijd los. (met andere wimpers) Ik ben echt benieuwd naar het resultaat bij jou; maar ze zien er in ieder geval super leuk uit!

    Liefs Laura

  10. ik zou een oog uitsteken ofzo :p good luck with that!

  11. Oh, they look great, awesome that you got a package from that :D Looking forward to see a photo of you wearing them. I bet they will look great on you ^_^


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