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Sorry for the absence on the blog, but I've been quite sick for the past few days: a throat infection, high fever, soar muscles ... You name it, I have it. Not to mention that I still have my internship to think about. 

Anywaysss, I met up with my darling Sté at Maasmechelen Village last weekend to help her pick out the perfect accessories for 'The Art Of The Detail' campaign. Girls + Outlet + Stores = A Whole Lot Of Fun! I hadn't seen Sté for a long time, so you can imagine my excitement when she told me she was coming to my tiny home town. I'm totally loving the two pictures above and can't wait to meet up again after school's over.

Do you want to see which accessories we picked in the end? All you have to do is click here. :)

I promise to upload outfit posts again as soon as I get better!

x Krizia


  1. :D Yaay I had so much fun last weekend! Thanks for helping me find the perfect accessory and can't wait to see you after school is over :) Get well soon bbey! xoxo

  2. Hope all is well again with you health? Had a little dip myself and got a reminder of how annoying it is to be sick.
    You ladies have excellent -yet expensive from the looks of it- taste. Are you also for hire when men need outfit help?

    1. Still not feeling 100%, but I'm not going to complain too much, haha. Hope you're feeling better again as well.
      If you need help with your outfit, holla at us, Phillie!

  3. Oooh nee! Ziek zijn tijdens je stage is zo vervelend. (Oké, het is altijd vervelend, maar op die dagen wordt er verwacht dat je er voor de 200% staat.) Heel veel beterschap Krizia!
    En denk eraan, in juni heb je dat felbegeerde blaadje papier vast, dus nog even volhouden!
    (Dat prent ik mezelf toch in! )

    x Lotte

  4. Just click and see the Mickael Kors watch ! I love it ! Hope you will get better soon ! Hope to see new outfit in your blog ! Love ! <3

  5. Sorry to hear that you are sick.
    Get well soon! Btw, I tagged you.
    Have a look if you have the time.


  6. Hope you're feeling better! :)

    Love the accessories you ended up with and your fun instagram pics :)


  7. wow I love love the photo's of you guys, how perfect is that! so funny and stunning girls you are! hope your internship is going well! if you have any questions, just shoot

  8. Hope you better soon! 'Cause I'm really liking your blog! xoxo


  9. De Michael Kors horloge is echt prachtig. Ik moet dringend ook eens langs Maasmechelen Village rijden :), jammer dat het niet wat dichter bij de deur is.



    Ps: Ik heb nog een vraagje (dat helemaal niets te maken heeft met deze post) -> ik vroeg me af waar je je balenciaga tas hebt gekocht? Ik ben er nog voor aan het sparen, maar ondertussen ook eens aan het rondzien waar ik ze overal kan kopen :).

  10. Mmmm... love your makeup and the sunnies!!

  11. Krizia, wat zie je er leuk uit!
    Ik vind je echt super mooi met die bril!

  12. Jouw Prada zonnebril is echt fantastisch!

    Have an Eyeful day,

  13. Your sunglass looks amazing! I want a pair.


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