The Bags

Hi everyone!

A lot of you asked me if I could do a post on my bag collection,
and I've finally found the time to take some pictures of my bags.
School is demanding a lot of my time right now,
but I'm doing my best to post as much as I can!

These bags aren't all mine,
I also included those of my mom and my sister,
since we were each other's bags often.
The advantages of living with women who are all interested in fashion. :D

P.S. As you can see, I'm not the best photographer, but I'm working on it! ;)

P.P.S: Prepare yourselves for a picture overload! :D


I must admit that Balenciaga's are one of the best bags I own for
everyday use. They have a lot of space inside, which is perfect for a girl like me who stuffs
almost everything in her bag. :D
Plus, they can survive in even the worst circumstances. My cat likes to chew on the strings or 
sharpen his nails on the leather while I'm not looking, but the bag still looks amazing. 
One Balenciaga is missing in the picture, I couldn't find it. I think my sister took it.
It's a grey / anthracite one, and you can see it in the last picture.


This Burberry-bag is mostly used by my mom. 
I love the fact that she didn't buy a bag with the typical beige Burberry-print on it.
I prefer these types of Burberry-bags a lot more! Just a subtle Burberry-touch because of the small
logo. I'm not a fan of anything with an enormous logo in it.


What's there to say about Chanel-bags?
I'm in love with the classic line! The medium bag in lambskin leather with golden hardware is mine,
while my sister owns a mini bag in caviar leather with silver hardware.
I rarely use my sister's Chanel, since it is way too small for me! 
If you'd like to buy a classic Chanel-bag, I'd go for the caviar leather, since it's much more durable and hardly scratches. I really have to be careful with my lambskin bag, since it scratches very easily!
I'm hoping to buy a jumbo / maxi (still haven't decided) with golden hardware soon, since they're big enough for every day use, and I'll definitely go for caviar leather this time! 

Dolce & Gabbana

The brown Dolce & Gabbana-bag is mine, while the purple one is my sister's.
You'll immediately see the difference on how we treat our bags. While she puts her bags nicely away
in their dust bag and paper to fill it up so that the bag keeps it original shape, I must admit that
I'm not that disciplined. And I guess you can see the result. Shame on me.
I really have to pull myself together and treat my bags with the softness and gentleness they deserve.
Again, no huge logo but just a subtle hint. 

Just Cavalli

My mom's Just Cavalli-bag.
I like the soft leather and the details, but I must admit that the quality isn't that optimal.
A while ago, the shoulder strap came loos from the rest of the bag. My mom found someone
who stitched it back in place nicely, but we thought it would last longer before the bag would show
it first defects. She still payed quite some money for it, so ... Oh well, you don't see it at all that it had to be stitched, so no harm done! 


My Longchamp Légende-bag.
It was a gift from my mom and it was my first 'designer-bag'. I can remember how proud I was
when I found out Kate Moss had the same one. 
Here's another perfect example of me and my treatment on bags. The shape is out of it a little bit... 
Or a lot. But luckily, the shape returns as soon as I put enough things in the bag. 
And believe me, I don't have any problems with putting unnecessary things in my bags. :D
I must admit that the bag is quite heavy without anything in it, so with all the stuff I carry around, it seems I've worked out at the gym when I get home after a day with this bag. I took this bag on my trip to Paris, since it can survive the worst weather conditions, and my arm became so numb at the end of the day, my dad had to carry it. :D

Marc Jacobs

My sister's Marc Jacobs-bag.
This bag has been in her closet for way too long, so I'm thinking to use it more often myself.
I still have to find a fitting outfit for it, since I find the green color quite unusual. 
I'm thinking about an all black-outfit, which will do the bag all the justice it needs.

Stella McCartney

My aunt gave this bag to my sister as a birthday-present a couple of years ago. 
She never wore it - shame on you, sister! - and I must admit - shame on me - that I totally forgot
about the bag ... Until today!
I completely fell in love with it. It's big enough to put all my crap in it and again, it has a subtle reference to Stella McCartney, just the way I like it.
My mom was giving me a lecture on how I never used this bag (even if it is my sister's),
but that will change from now on. I'm definitely going to use this baby more often!

This was about it.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope I can add some new beauties to my collection soon. :D
And I would also like to thank all of you for your sweet comments.
I appreciate every single one of them, and I do my best to reply on your questions!

Big kiss,



  1. super mooie collectie!

  2. Ik ben gek op die groene meid! & als we samen gaan shoppen vind je misschien wel iets leuk bij H&M :D? Toon jij mij alvast waar je die geweldige tassen vind! Haha :D!

    Liefs xxx

  3. AMAZING! Where do you get all that money? I want that job too ;)
    Echt heel mooi, ik wou dat ik ook zo'n collectie had.

  4. @ Anoniem: Dank je wel!

    @ Glamour Bbey.: Haha, hopelijk vind ik iets dan! :D En ik ken een paar leuke winkeltjes in A'pen voor tassen, don't you worry. :D

    @ Sofie: Sparen, sparen, sparen! :D Ik heb ook maar een vakantiejob in de horeca en zit nog op school, hihi. En gelukkig houden mijn mama en zus ook van mooie tassen, dus dat scheelt ook veel!

  5. Nice! :) De Chanel (die van jou) blijft wel mijn favoriet :)!

  6. Wauw, jaloers! Zeker op de Balenciaga's, de Chanels en de Marc Jacobs! Heb net ook m'n eerste Balenciaga gekocht, wauw, ben zo gelukkig!

  7. @ Elke: Ooh, proficiat met je nieuwe aanwinst, hihi! Je gaat er zeker geen spijt van hebben! Ik ken het gevoel van de eerste Balenciaga, super hé! :D

  8. dying for the color of the Marc Jacob one!!!
    & I added your sister blog too


  9. @ notsoChiara: Aww, that's so sweet of you! Thank you!

  10. Wow, wat een mooie tassen allemaal!


    (PS Volgens mij is dit idd een nieuw model Uggs, heb ze gekocht bij de Bijenkorf)

  11. Sono tutte tue?
    Passa da me :)

  12. @ Anna Bonfiglio: Ci stanno anche quelle della mia mamma e sorella, ma le usiamo tutti. =)

  13. Mooie collectie!
    Ik wil dolgraag eentje van Balenciaga, die zijn zo mooi en tijdloos! ;)

  14. @ Eva's beautyblog: Als je er ooit eentje kunt kopen, moet je dat zeker doen! Ze zijn hun geld helemaal waard, echt een goede investering!

  15. Ik gok dat het allemaal echt leer is, daar? Hoe mooi ik die tassen ook vind, het zou mijn hart breken als het echt dierenvel was. Ookal hebt ge ze waarschijnlijk voor een hele lange tijd. (maar als het toch is om een favoriet te kiezen, sowieso die Just Cavalli en Marc Jacobs)

  16. @ Madelief.: De meesten zijn van echt leer ja, buiten die van Stella McCartney. Zij gebruikt niks van dieren in haar collecties... :)
    Ik hou ook heel veel van dieren. Maar om me bij elk ding wat ik koop te gaan afvragen als het echt is of niet, gaat me iets te ver. Ook al probeer ik het zoveel mogelijk te vermijden.

  17. Oh ! beautiful bags!!!!
    thanks for your comment!!!!

  18. Ik was al verkocht bij de Balenciaga's :)

  19. Thank you so so so much for all the comments.
    You guys are the best!

  20. Natuurlijk staat Chanel op mijn wish list, of dream list, beter gezegd :)
    Daarnaast was ik altijd al verliefd op de groene MJ van uw zus <3

  21. Mooie collectie, vooral die zilveren Balenciaga en de Chanel tassen... x Sarah


  22. What an amazing collection! I'm quite jealous of the range and variety of designers and designs that you own. I'm just like you though, I'm a bad person when it comes to keeping bags stuffed to keep their shape!

  23. Wow, wat een collectie!!! Supermooi!!
    Ik zou al blij zijn met eentje uit je collectie ;)

  24. I love your collection, of course the Balenciaga and Chanel are my fave. :) Well done.

  25. @ Balenciaga: They're nothing compared to your collection! :D

  26. Wow, wat een TOP collectie zeg, very jealous!
    Mijn mama heeft ook heel wat Balenciaga tassen, maar die kan ik moeilijker lenen, gezien ik niet in haar buurt woon.. De broer doet niet aan Balenciaga obviously ;-)
    Vooral die paarse Balenciaga city doet me helemaal watertanden, als je die OOIT verkoopt, I'm your girl! ;-)

  27. @ Nona: Haha, zal ik zeker doen! :D

  28. Haha zalig!!! Echt geweldige stukken! Goede tip van de Chanel ga ik zeker onthouden voor mocht het ooit zover komen :D


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