Street Style Shoot for SOUP Magazine Japan

About a week ago,
I received an email from Coolhunt, asking me if I knew a suitable photographer for a street style
shoot they were planning to do in Brussels.
It was an assignment for SOUP, a Japanese street style magazine.

I was happy to help them out, but finding a photographer was more difficult than I expected!
My first option couldn't do it due to a lack of time. I then contacted Bjorn from the Ben Trovato Blog,
and he helped me a lot (Thanks again, Bjorn)!
Our second option cancelled last minute, but luckily, Bjorn found another photographer very soon:
Femke from Me And My Ego.

Of course, I can not show you the pictures until they're published in the magazine, but here's a
behind-the-scene picture which will give you a sneek peek!
I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Oh my! Hoe zijn zei bij je terecht gekomen zo nice meid! xxx

  2. Looks awesome the sneak peak :D Hope we will see more photos of it :D Great that you could experience this photoshoot :D

  3. cool :)


  4. sounds great! can`t wait to see the pics.xx


  5. Need to photoshop the shots a little tonight & then it's done! w00pw00p. I'm curious myself to see the result!

  6. @ Glamour Bbey: Geen idee, ze hebben me gemaild,dus ik denk via mijn blog!

    Thank you so much, everyone! I hope I can show you some pictures soon, but I have to wait until the magazine publishes them first!

  7. Ah :) nu begrijp ik het meer, ik had het al op facebook gezien maar daar stond niet veel uitleg bij. Tof!

  8. Jammer dat ik het nu pas lees, mochten ze nog eens een fotograaf zoeken, let me know ;)

    Liefs, Samm
    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

  9. @ Samm: Ooh, goed dat ik het weet! Volgende keer laat ik je zeker wat weten, hihi!


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