Christmas: The Outfit

Finally, it's Christmas.
Even though I sometime think it's overrated, I love spending time with my 
family - eating (a lot), laughing, talking, arguing (something you can't miss in 
an Italian family), ...

It's also the last time I can relax, since I have exams after the
Christmas holidays, which basically means I have to study when most of my friends 
have two weeks off. 

This embellished dress / top was a gift from my dad quite some time ago. 
Even if some of the embellishment is already gone a little bit, I can't find it in 
my heart to throw this item away.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that all your wishes come true. 
I also would like to thank you for following Shark Attack and for writing such 
sweet comments.
You have no idea how much they mean to me!

x Krizia

Dress: UNKNOWN // Leggings: H&M // Boots: SAM EDELMAN

P.S.: I'm planning to buy a decent camera soon, so bye bye bad quality-pictures! ;)

My mom insisted on taking a couple of close ups, since she saw 
other bloggers did it too. As you can tell from my frightened face, 
I'm not used to close ups being taken. I'm hoping that will change
once I get a decent camera. :D

With the love of my life.


  1. Whoeeew heel mooi babe!!!
    Staat je mooi die kleur & I love your boots!

    Doe de groetjes aan je mama & ik wens jullie allemaal een fijne kerst!
    Love xxx

  2. @ Greetje: Jij ook! Hopelijk brengt de Kerstman wat je gevraagd hebt! :D

  3. @ Glamour Bbey.: Zal ik zeker doen, schat! Voor jullie ook fijne feestdagen!

  4. Vind de schoenen ook heel leuk! Prettige kerst toegewenst! Met die camera gaan de close-ups wel nog scherper zijn dus da's nog beangstigender! :)


  5. @ Kim: Da's waar, maar dat is tenminste beter dan deze wazige brol. :'D

  6. Prachtige kerstoutfit! Prettig kerstfeest! xoxo Sarah


  7. Staat je mooi ! Leuk topje :)
    Fijne feesten !

  8. Merry christmas Krizia! :D Your outfit is stunning, I really like it! And dont worry, you will get used to close ups, believe me... My bf does it to me all the time, just for fun, then I just laugh and sometimes he gets nice images ;)

    Ah and I adored lots of things in RIsland! But considering I still had to buy gifts to the family, I had not so much time to choose something for me, except for a bag that I will get after holidays... Finally, I just got a lovely green cape in Benetton with a pair of blacky skinny trousers... ;)

  9. @ Ingrid: Dank je wel! Ook voor jou, fijne feesten gewenst! Xxx

    @ Angela R.:

    Merry Christmas to you too, Angela! May all your wishes come true! :D
    Well, if you live in Antwerp, I'm sure you'll pass by River Island lots of times! ;)

    And capes and skinny trousers can NEVER go wrong. Especially black, since it goes with everything! :D
    I'm curious to see the cape, though!

  10. Lovely pictures!
    Love the cat... ;-)

    Merry Merry Christmas!

  11. Super mooi kleedje :) en die schoenen zijn fantastisch !!


  12. je ziet er stralend uit! super topje en mooie schoenen!

  13. Wooow, what a lovely outfit! You have really good taste in clothes and style :D I just loooove the boots! :-) Have a Merry Christmas! :D By the way, your pictures are just fine to me but awesome for you that you will get a better camera then :D

  14. Je kunt zo onder de Kerstboom, wow! Wens je in ieder geval een fijne Kerst toe. Laat t je zeker weten als ik een puppy heb!X

  15. Thank you for all the sweet comments!
    Hope you had a nice Christmas-eve!

  16. Mooie outfit Krizia, je ziet er geweldig uit!

  17. Lovely dress!Nice choice!!
    Merry Christmas honey,have a nice day!



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