Too Much Snow + Give Away Winner

Yesterday, my mom wanted to walk in the snow.
Since she does so much for me, I decided to just say 'yes' 
without any complains, so that I could do something back for
once. (Not that walking in the snow could cover it!)

Refusing to wear UGGS-like boots, I decided to take out my
knee-high boots again. My mom said I was crazy and that I would
break my neck walking in the show with them - and she was right.
We decided to snap some pictures, even if the snow made it
almost impossible.
I wanted to wear my McQueen-scarf, but thought it was a better
idea if I wore this similar cheaper model, fearing my McQueen one
would get ruined in the snow.

Hat: H&M // Coat: Massimo Dutti // Jeans: H&M // Scarf: ZARA // Boots: MORGAN


The winner of the give away is Erika Piger.
Congratulations, I'll email you ASAP!

For those of you who haven't won, don't worry,
there will be more give aways in the future!

x Krizia


  1. Woehoew congrats! & mooie foto's babe! IK WIL U SJAAAAL OHMY :O! I'm jealous haha!
    Al idee voor een dag babe?


  2. @ Glamour Bbey; Normaal moest ik gisteren werken, maar ze hadden afgebeld. Ik ga door de week langs om te zien wanneer ik moet werken!

  3. Great look for walking in the snow eh! So now I confirm what I suspected: You re a brave woman!! :D How is it possible that you walk in the snow with high heeeeelllsss!!! lol

    Anyway, I did the same yesterday: walking in the snow with my boyfriend. I must admit it is my first time of living surrrounded by snow wherever I go, then the experience is absolutely new and exciting for me! :D But I did not wear high boots ;)

  4. @ Angela R: I must admit that it was very difficult and almost broke my neck a couple of times. :D
    But like my mom always says:

    If you want to look pretty, you have to suffer sometimes!

    Oh, the first time??? It must have been such a magical (and cold) experience then! :D

  5. Jij durft, met die hakken in de sneeuw gaan lopen.

    Leuke sjaal :)

  6. Haha ik denk dat ik toch ook een paar keer onderuit zou gaan, ik kan al amper overeind blijven met hakken zonder sneeuw! :)

  7. haha krizia gij zijt echt gek met die schoenen in de sneeuw!! :D

  8. @ Kimberly: Eigenlijk zijn die best handig. Geen natte voeten omdat die van leder zijn en tot aan de knie komen. :'D

  9. Wow, leuke foto's maar o zo koud.... brr
    mooie sjaal en shoes!
    xoxo Sarah


  10. Dan ben 'k toch blijkbaar niet de enige gek die zich op hakken door de sneeuw sleept!:-D

  11. mooie foto's! and i love your scarf xxx


  12. Ik geef het op met mooie schoenen in de sneeuw + draag maar zelden hakken nr school.

  13. @ Michelle: Nope, niet de enige gek, haha. :'D

    Thanks everyone!

  14. Beautiful and nice snow photos! And congratulations to the winner Erika! Have fun with your prize! :D


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