Shark Attack At River Island - By Other Bloggers

Sorry to bother you with all the River Island-pictures, but I had such a nice time
and I really want to share it all with you!

In this post you'll find some pictures of me, taken by other bloggers.
The picture above was taken by Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman.
The red heels are from Cindy (Glamour Blog) and the black wedges are mine!

I'll try to show you the shoes I bought ASAP!

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, they really make my day!

x Krizia

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Picture: Fashionata

My YSL Arty Ring. // Picture: Modoholics

Picture: Oona

Left: Myself, middle: Cindy (Glamour Blog) and Tiany (Belmodo) // Picture: Oona

Myself, Cindy (Glamour Blog), Annebeth (The Styling Dutchman) and Sofie (Fashionata) // Picture: Paulien

All of the pictures below were taken by Cindy from Glamour Blog. Thanks, doll!


  1. Leuke foto's, het ziet er echt fijn uit

    Die spiegelfoto is echt cool!

  2. You're welcome babe! Kerstvakantie weer een lading he haha! <3

  3. Amai Krizia, je ziet er super uit op die foto's! En inderdaad, vooral die in de spiegel van Oona! Wauw!

  4. Wow, nice pictures once again :D Really like your outfit like I said before and I really like your Chanel purse :D

  5. Mooie foto's en nice event! xoxo Sarah

  6. @ Groenwol: Dank je wel, meid!

    @ Yuliya xoxo: Thank you! :D

    @ Glamour Bbey: Als je dat maar weet! Kan al niet wachten!

    @ Patricia: Dank je wel voor je lief complimentje hihi!

    @ Liesewiesje: Thank you, doll!

    @ Denim Diva: Dank je wel! =)

  7. Like your wedges very much and love your YSL ring!!You look very pretty at these photos!!


  8. Leuke foto's weer!
    Die rode lippenstift staat jou echt heel goed vind ik :)

  9. Je zag er echt mooi uit, spijtig dat ik je ma zo kort zag :(

  10. @ Rania: Thank you!

    @ Eva's beautyblog: Dank je wel! Ik was aan het twijfelen of ik de lippenstift wel zou op doen. =)

    @ Insomnia: Ja, héél jammer! :( Volgende keer halen we het dubbel en dik in!

  11. SOOO wonderful!!! Love that pink!!!
    Hope you will come to visit me- I'd be so happy! And follow if you'd like to.


    xoxo Summer


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