Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is probably one of the world's most famous tales / stories, 
reminding us (or at least me) of our childhood. When I was at the movie theatre 
recently, I saw this trailer of Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood, and I got 
very excited. Maybe not so much about the story, but about her beautiful red 
cape - I want it! The scene where she's walking through the mountains and the 
wind blows 'away' her cape is probably one of my favorite scenes, and I 
haven't even seen the movie! 

Seeing the trailer above, I also immediately thought about Chanel's No.5-commercial, 
featuring the stunning Estella Warren.
This Chanel-commercial is one of my favorites! 


  1. Mooie mantel inderdaad, ziet er ook een toffe film uit xoxo Sarah


  2. ooh ziet er een mooie film uit, vraag me af of het kinderen toegelaten is. x

  3. @ Fanny: Dat weet ik eerlijk gezegd niet.. Het is wel een engere versie van het sprookje.. :)

  4. Ken de film niet, maar i loove Amanda Seyfried, vooral in Dear John!

    x Sabrina


  5. Hmm ik wist niet eens dat daar een echte film van bestond :)

  6. I can't wait to see this movie! amanda is def a great actress, hope the movie will be, too:)))
    happy holidays:)))

  7. wauw I had no idea they were make a movie of that story!!! I wonder if it will be something like the fairytale but I don't think so... It looks amazing!

    thanks for sharing this!!



  8. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    I had no idea either they were making a movie about Red Riding Hood, but I'm very excited to see it. :D

  9. Hee, 'k wist niet eens dat ze die film gingen maken. Ik vind Amanda Seyfried zo mooi, ik had gewild dat ze haar als Alice gecast hadden in Alice in Wonderland... Maar dit ziet er ook uit als een toffe film, interessante invalshoek om roodkapje als volwassene uit te beelden. Ik wil 'm zien! xx

  10. @ Laura: Ja, ze heeft echt zo'n poppengezichtje hé?
    Ik wil hem ook zien, ik kan al niet wachten! :D

  11. Her cape is beautiful indeed :) Amanda Seyfriends looks like a good actress, I first got to know her via "Mean Girls" but then later on I saw her in a movie called Chloe and I thought she was really good in that one, good movie too by the way ;) I still want to see "Dear John" where she plays in too, lol, it looks like such a good movie :) Anyway, want to see "Red Hiding Hood" as well now :D

  12. @ Liesewiesje: I didn't know she played in Mean Girls too. I must admit that I got to 'know' her when I saw 'Dear John'. :D

  13. @Krizia Yes, she plays in "Mean Girls", you should watch it again and then you will see that she plays Karen who can predict when it will rain or when it rains, haha ;-)

  14. @ Liesewiesje: I definitely will! Thanks for the tip! :D

  15. @Krizia Alright then :D You're welcome :D

  16. @ Poetry Of The Day: What's bamf? :D

    Thanks everyone!

  17. Ik had de trailer al gezien. Lijkt me echt een toffe film!


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