Me With Baptiste Giabiconi.

While I was having dinner at La Gioia in Paris last Friday,
I noticed a couple of boys entering the restaurant.
When I looked more closely,
I realized that it was no one other than Baptiste Giabiconi.

I guess no further explanation is needed when I mention his name,
but for those who don't know:
Baptiste Giabiconi is one of the world's most famous male models.
You may know him from Chanel -- Baptiste appears in every runway show
and almost every campaign.

After joking that I'd hope to bump into him in Paris two posts ago,
well, I guess my 'wish' came true.
At first, I was too scared to ask him for a picture,
but my dad literally dragged me over there and said:
"You'll probably never get a chance like this again."
And he's right, so after that I thought:
'Screw this, I'm going to ask for a picture!'

Baptiste is a very friendly and down-to-earth person, even if I met him briefly.
We took a picture, I wished him a happy birthday, and I returned to my seat.
(Baptiste turned 21 on the 9th of November, which means I'm 4 days older than him. *wink*)

So, here's the picture.
As you can see, a no-black bra + black dress + flash isn't the best combination.
I should've known better, but hey, so what? :D

P.S.: Frequent readers of my blog know that I've written about Baptiste more than once.
You can click hereherehere and here to see some of my previous posts and some
of his model work.


  1. Super leuk!
    En, heb je veel gekocht in Parijs? :)

    Elise/ fleurille.blogspot.com

  2. @ Elise: Nee, ik heb wel Chanel-ballerina's van mijn zus gekregen, maar zelf heb ik niks gevonden.

  3. OMG!!!!! Ik kan niet geloven dat je hem zo maar 'eventjes' tegenkomt :) Hoeveel geluk !!! En hij zag er weer super goed uit *jaloers*

  4. *LOL
    my dad also ever said like that =9
    he's true
    ...you'll never have a chance like that again..
    anyway, you look stunning there
    and i love your dress
    you're so creative :D

    P.S : You have one new follower *hugs*

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia


  5. Hij is de boy toy van Karl Lagerfeld, spijtig dat hij er niet was. Dat zou pas echt super zijn :-)

  6. Oh my, that is so cool!!
    Inderdaad, die kans zou je nooit meer krijgen, goed dat je toch om een foto bent gaan vragen :)

  7. Wauw gelukzak! Wat een toeval, ik zou echt zo nerveus zijn :)

  8. @ Sheila: Ik was ook nerveus, believe me! :D

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
    I still can't believe I met him, such a coincidence!

  9. Wauw! Zoiets maak je niet elke dag mee! ;-)

  10. Baptiste Giabiconi is not gay. He has had lots of girfriends and 4 months ago he started dating St├ęphanie, a wonderful 25-year-old brunette who works for Microsoft.

  11. Ik ben zo verliefd op baptiste haha, wil hem ook ooit ontmoeten, maar spreekt hij wel engels ? Want zijn album oxygen is helemaal in het engels. Maar als ik naar zijn interviews kijk, dan spreekt hij alleen maar frans....anyway leuk foto! Gr Burciaga

    1. Hij spreekt wel Engels, maar niet zo vloeiend en met een overdreven Frans accent, natuurlijk (sexy!). ;)


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