Birthday Presents - Part 1

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share the first part of my birthday presents with you.
My dad and sister promised I could pick out some presents in Paris,
I'm so excited. :D
So you can expect some more Birthday Presents-posts later. ;)

Of course, the Hello Kitty-cupcakes my mom surprised me with.
I didn't want to eat them, because they looked so cute. :D

My aunt gave me this Thomas Burberry by Burberry-cape. Needless to say how happy I was
and am. Can't wait to wear it and take pictures for the blog.

I got Lauren Conrad's book from my best friend Hille. She knows me so well!
I'm a big fan of Lauren's preppy LA / girly-style. What I would give to have a look in her

Now I'm off to do some homework *sigh*.
I can't wait to leave for Paris next week,
even if it is for only 3 days. I need a break from these surroundings and routines!
(Not the blogging-routine, of course!)




  1. bello! anche a me piacerebbe andare a parigi,anche solo per poco...fai un bello shopping :)

  2. @ Katia: Grazie mille, cara. Spero che puoi andare a Parigi presto!

  3. Fun stuff you got, have fun with it :)

  4. Loving the cape, checks are the shit! :D
    En de cupcakes zijn veel te schattig!

  5. Thank you all for the sweet comments!

  6. Je cupcakes zijn megaschattig! Ik heb er ook gemaakt ga ze morgen eens posten, :D! Die boek is trouwens wauwie! & ben ook benieuwd naar een outfit met je nieuwe cape, hij staat je vast geweldig goed!

    Liefs xx

  7. @ Glamour Bbey.: Echt benieuwd naar je cupcakes, hihi!

  8. I love Hello Kitty and Lauren Conrad, beautiful post.

  9. I ♥ hello kitty!! These cupcakes are supercute!!!
    Mooie cadeautjes!! x

  10. i love hello kitty so im all for the cupcakes! and so extremely jealous of the burberry jacket - it's absolutely gorgeous! hope you had a lovely birthday and have fun in paris!

    also, check out my giveaway (:

  11. @ Shalysse: Thanks for the sweet comment. I'll check your blog right now!

  12. I adore the burberry cape,I also want LC's book. have a nice weekend.



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