Excusez-moi for the lack of outfit-posts.
I've been working on my thesis most of the time
and didn't leave the house for the past two days.
I've been wearing my PJ's and believe me,
that's something you don't want to see! ;)

I hope I can take some outfit-pictures tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I'm anxiously waiting for the news to begin.
I'm dying to see the reports of Lanvin for H&M this morning!

My sister sent me this article HERE, saying that in NYC,
people have spent up to $ 3000 at H&M.
That's just crazy!

Anyway, since I don't have any outfit-pictures to show you,
I posted some pictures I thought were nice and inspiring.

Xoxo, Krizia.

(Sources: Jak & Jil, The Cherry Blossom Girl, The Blonde Salad, Le Blog De Betty, My Fashion Diary, Olsens Anonymous)


  1. Haha, dat van in uw pyjama aan uw thesis werken ken ik oh zo goed!
    Mooie foto's :)

  2. @ Kim: Ja, pff, niet echt fashionable, haha. :D

  3. Dat is echt veel.. Maar begrijpelijk. Ik heb vanochtend ook besteld en zat al gauw aan 700 euro zonder dat ik het id gaten had. De helft gaat vaak wel terug maar dan nog!

  4. @ Sjaar: Serieus, 700 euro?? Ben wel benieuwd wat je allemaal gekocht hebt!


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