Paris: What I Bought...

Another post related to my trip to Paris.
Here are a couple of pictures, showing what I bought.

As you can see, I didn't buy a lot.
I didn't see anything that I really wanted.
No, I'm lying.
I saw a lot of things I wanted, but my budget wouldn't let me.

So, I decided not to spend my money on useless things
and to save my money and treat myself on something special for Christmas.

The only thing I bought myself,
are the macarons I got at Ladurée.
As you can see, they're kind of ruined, because they gave me
17 macaroons instead of 18, so they didn't stay in place.
I didn't notice it until I got back in my hotel room.
They still taste good, thank God. ;)

John Galliano 'invented' a new macaron-taste: roses and ginger.
I bought two of them, but I must admit I'm not a big fan of the ginger-taste. :)

The Chanel-flats were a birthday gift from my sister.
She has the same ones, and she says they're the best investment ever.
I didn't get the chance to wear them yet, since the sole is very smooth.
I almost fell while I was trying them on at the Chanel-store,
so I need to take them to the shoe repairer so he can put something over it,
which will give me a better grip when I'm walking.
I decided to take the black ones, because for me, black goes with (almost) everything.


  1. Leuke schoenen krijgen én Baptiste Giabiconi mogen ontmoeten.. damn you lucky girl! ;-)

  2. @ Sté: *bloost* Ik heb tijdens dit reisje wel geluk gehad ja!

  3. the shoes are a dream!!!

  4. Ik zou die niet eens durven dragen haha :D! Leuk hoor had het gezien op je FB :D xx

  5. @ Glamour Bbey.: Mijn zus draagt ze heel veel en die van haar zijn nog tip top in orde.. Ben benieuwd. :D

  6. Ik ben jaloers op je ballerina's :-) Zou ze inderdaad ook niet goed durven dragen... Wel erg lief van je zus!

    En mmhh..macarons!

  7. Mjam, macarons! Ik heb er zelf gemaakt vorig weekend :D Dikke aanrader en echt nie zo moeilijk! http://www.libelle.be/lib/lekker-koken/7968/zelf-macarons-bakken.html

    And pretty pretty shoes!

  8. @ latanie.: Dank je wel voor de link! Dat ga ik zeker eens uitproberen, hihi!

  9. Ze zijn echt prachtig!
    en inderdaad, zwart past zowat bij alles!

  10. @ Eva's beautyblog: Dank je wel, meid!

  11. Beautiful blog. This is mine :)


  12. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  13. I want to go to Paris so bad! love these things you bought <3


  14. @ Chuck McElroy IV: I did! :D

    @ Chelsea Lane: I hope you get the chance to go soon!

  15. Wow I'm going in Paris this week I am so happy.....compliments for what you have bought...

  16. Beautiful shoes! Wear them once first to scratch up the sole, then take them to a bootmaker/shoe repair shop and get them to put a TOPY sole on them. They have a lifetime guarantee and they tend to adhere better if the sole is scuffed first.
    I went to that store too in Sep and bought a brooch!

  17. @ Pippa: Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it!
    Can't wait to see your brooch!

  18. Was dat duur, zo'n doosje macarons?

  19. @ Madelief: In dit doosje zaten 18 macarons en ik heb 38 euro betaald. Het is waarschijnlijk duurder door het Galliano-doosje, maar je betaalt ook wel gewoon om het feit dat het Ladurée is. :D Als je ze per stuk wou kopen, kost dat 1,60 euro voor één macaron.


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