Hi everyone!

I just returned from Paris, and I want to go back already.
Even if it rained all the time, and the wind almost blew me away,
Paris holds a special place in my heart.

I got the chance to visit all the places I wanted to see,
as I told you in my previous post, except for Père Lachaise.
I'll visit it the next time I'll go to Paris, for sure.

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of someone I ran into while I was having dinner last Friday.
I'm sure you fashion lovers will like the person I'm with on the picture.
Some of my readers already found out who it is, but be ready for a nice surprise tomorrow.
I know I was surprised ... ;)

P.S.: Prepare for a picture overload. I did my best to select the nicest pictures,
but there were still so many...

I finally made it at the Louvre!
I think I took a gazillion pictures there. The future history teacher-thing took the best of me. :D

It was impossible to take a nice picture of the Mona Lisa.
Never mind the way I look. It was raining cats and dogs and I got up early that day.
It was the day we arrived in Paris.

My dad struggling with the umbrella, which might give you an idea of the weather conditions.
My earmuffs might look ridiculous, but boy, they kept me from getting an ear ache or something!

I just parked my Aston Martin. ;)
Just kidding!

In front of the Krizia-store. ;)

So happy with my La Durée-macarons.

No words needed.
I'll show you what I got later!

If you'd like a Karl Lagerfeld-salad, go to La Gioia. :)

I loved how the menus lighted up when you opened them.
It was here, at La Gioia, where I bumped into the 'mystery guest' I told you about.
Don't forget to watch tomorrow to see who it is!

Clubbing at the VIP Room.

One of the acts at the VIP Room. They gave some great performances!

I'm addicted to anything that's sweet, so you can imagine how happy I was when I entered this store. :D




  1. @ Glamour Bbey: Dank je wel, meid, hihi.

  2. Zalige foto's, Parijs is echt wel super!
    Love de foulard! ;)


  3. Hélemaal anders dan mijn trip to Paris met school ;) Ik wenste dat ik ook een Chanel stuk had! Ik ben eens benieuwd!
    Leuke foto's! x

  4. It stems you had fun!!
    I love Paris too, i think it is a magic city!!

  5. Wonderful pictures!I was in Paris like a month ago and I visited many places you did too!Looking forward to see what you bought from Chanel ;)
    P.S.I bought like a tonne of goodies from the store in Monmartre you show in the last photo.Doesn't it has the cutiest packing? :)


  6. @ Invidia: Ik maak er zo snel mogelijk een foto van!

    @ Rania: I'll take a picture of it ASAP!

    Thank you for the sweet comments!

  7. che belle foto! quella con l'ombrello girato è fantastica!!

  8. Wat een mooie foto's! Zo te zien was het -behalve de regen- wel erg gezellig en leuk!

  9. @ Couture: Parijs kan nooit slecht zijn, hihi! :D

  10. Zijn de La Durée-macarons de moeite om naar Parijs te gaan ?

  11. @ LilyandtheLady: Bwah, uiteindelijk smaken ze net hetzelfde als die wat je in de supermarkt vindt. Het is gewoon Ladurée, you know? :D
    Alhoewel ze daar veel meer 'aparte' smaken hebben dan de standaard chocolade, vanille, pistache ...-macarons. :)


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