Paris, Here I Come!

Tomorrow I'll finally be in Paris 'till Saturday.
I've been to Paris with school in the 3rd grade once,
but we didn't see that much as I had hoped.

So, my sister and I planned our trip out a little,
and here are some of the places I really want to see.

The Louvre.
As a future history teacher, the Louvre is a place I must have seen!

Père Lachaise.
I can't wait to see this beautiful cemetery with my own eyes. I also want to visit
Jim Morrison's grave. The Doors are one of my favorite bands.

Eating macarons at Ladurée, of course!

Galeries Lafayette.
Shop 'till you drop! I hope they already started with the christmas decorations. I'd love to
see the lights like on the picture above.

The Chanel-store on Rue Cambon 31.
Maybe I'll bump into Baptiste Giabiconi. :D

La tour Eiffel, Paris' most famous monument and symbol.
You can't go to Paris without stopping here.

If I'll be able to visit these places,
I'll be the happiest girl in the world. :D




  1. Doe Jim de groeten van mij en ik eis dat je daar een fles whiskey kraakt en een foto maakt :)

  2. @ rideronthest0rm: Mijn papa gaat mee, dus van die fles whisky ben ik niet zeker. Een foto kan sowieso geregeld worden. :D

  3. Veel plezier meid!! Laat zeker weten hoe het was!

  4. those macaroons look amazing! (L)


  5. i love Paris!!!! *___* xoxo Eli

  6. The funny thing is that I actually bumped into Baptiste Giabicioni! :D
    I saw him at a restaurant and took a picture with him!


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