Feature: Aureta's Blog

Well, it isn't really a 'feature',
but I was mentioned by one of my most favourite bloggers of all times: Aureta Thomollari.
You can imagine that I'm so happy about it. :)

I must admit that I was kind of shocked when she contacted me on Facebook,
I just couldn't believe it!
She was mentioned on Studio Brussel, a very popular radio station here in Belgium,
by Immanuel from Style 4 Guys.
I bet you can remember Immanuel from my River Island and Massimo Dutti-posts.

Needless to say that I was more than happy to help Aureta out.
From the couple of times we talked to each other,
I can only say that she's a very sweet and friendly girl -- With an A-MA-ZING sense of style.

Discovering her blog about a year ago, while surfing randomly,
I still check her blog every day.
Not only does she have the most incredible items every blogger dreams about (I'm talking about
Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte-shoes, Balmain-jackets, a Chanel-bag signed by Karl Lagerfeld ...),
she also has an amazing eye for vintage jewelry.

Here are some of my favourite pictures / outfits,
but be sure to check out her blog by clicking HERE.

(Source: aureta.typepad.com)


  1. Ik wou dat ik ook zo veel geld en kleren had als haar :-)
    Echt wel leuk dat ze je vermeldde!

  2. @ Couture: Ik ook, ze heeft echt zo'n mooie items! Ik ben zo jaloers, haha.


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