Crystal Bra

A couple of days ago,
I received my crystal bra, which you've probably already seen on Hanneli Mustaparta.
I'm very happy about it, even if the sequins and embroidery is very delicate.

To make sure I wouldn't look like a hoochie or something,
I decided to keep the rest of my outfit very simple.
I used a H&M-top, which lets the upper part of the bra peek through. 
What do you think about the result? Yes or no?

I ordered my bra on Ebay - for the first time in my life- and the payment and shipping 
went smoothly and without any problems.
To order the bra, you can click HERE.

Crystal Bra: EBAY // Blouse: H&M


  1. Staat u leuk! Ik ben trouwens uitgenodigt op de cocktailparty van Hermes! Jij ook? xx

  2. (Weird that I'm gonna say this, but: ) What a beautiful bra! Almost a waste that you have to wear something over it, so I think you've combined it really nice with the top and you don't look hoochie ;)


  3. This is such a cute bra! All the crystals on it looks fantastic, but I'd be worried about looking like a hoochie as well trying to show it off!

  4. I LOVE that bra! Looks great how you've styled it too. I made my own from mirror mosaic but I never posted it on my blog - you've just reminded me to! x

  5. @ Glamour Bbey.: Dank je! Ik heb je geantwoord op Facebook!

  6. @ Shanna Maren: Thanks for the nice compliment! =)

    @ Shelby: Yeah, you really have to combine it well. A lot of people stared at me while I was walking through the mall with this outfit. :D

    @ My New Favourite Thing: Be sure to post in you blog! I'm curious!

  7. @ Insomnia: Hihi, thanks liefje!

  8. Great choice! this bra is self-sufficient! I want one!! :))

  9. @ Peaches: Dank je wel, lieveee! :D

  10. Your crystal bra looks very cool, maybe with some more opened up clothes would be even nicer.


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