Key To Style-contest @ Maasmechelen Village

Hi guys!

I've got some interesting new for you.
Since you may already know (or not),
I live in Maasmechelen, where also Maasmechelen Village is located - it's
an outlet shopping centre with brands such as Versace, Karen Millen, BCBG Max Azria, ...
Well, it doesn't hurt to promote my little hometown once in a while, does it?

Maasmechelen Village is organizing the 'Key To Style' - contest,
where you can win a cheque worth a 1000 euros, which you can use to pick out your wardrobe for fall.
Now isn't that nice?
And it's not only for the girls - your boyfriends can enter too! 
The contest will be running from the 12th of August until the 12th September, which is TOMORROW,
so get your *tuut* to Maasmechelen!

It's very easy to enter.
When you buy something in one of the 95 stores - which I'm sure you will - you will get a 'key'
with a personal and unique code on it.
Then, you have to go to the Key To Style-website and you will know immediately if you've won.
Yes, that's all you have to do.
So no one will come up out of nowhere when your shopping at Maasmechelen Village,
almost forcing you to enter the contest. :D

And I don't want to hear a thing about you not having any time,
because Maasmechelen Village is also open on Sundays!
Maybe you could do a shopping trip?
Hasselt, Antwerp and Brussels are also easy to reach by train or by bus.

And guess what ... I work at Grand Café Cellini at Maasmechelen Village!
So if you're hungry after a day of shopping and you stop by at Cellini,
there might be a chance that I will be your waitress. :D
(I will be present after the 20th of August - since I have to study for my re-sit 'till then. *sigh)

Hopefully I'll see you guys there and... Good luck!

P.S.: Since I was having trouble with downloading a nice picture from the
Maasmechelen Village-website ... Here's a picture of my sister and I in MMV,
when we were visiting the Sartorialist-exhibition.


  1. Oh zo leuk! Ik kom misschien wel eens kijken! En misschien zien we elkaar dan *eindelijk* eens in real life ;-)

  2. @ Couture: Oh ja, lijkt me leuk! Laat me weten wanneer je komt. Misschien heb ik die dag zelfs toevallig vrij en kunnen we samen naar de Village gaan ofzo. :)

  3. Zag net je reactie pas. Oh, dan hebben ze echt veel van je haar afgeknipt. Als ze bij mij zoveel zouden afknippen dan had ik een boblijn ofzo. Groeit je haar wel snel?



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