Mix Of Memories

Since I don't have much time to take some outfit pictures, due to my re-sit,
I decided to show you some pictures of my most favourite memories and of people
who are closest to me.

I hope you can enjoy posts like this.
Let me know what you think!

x Krizia

That's me at age 4, I think. I love the floral dress mixed with Converse All Stars. :D

That's me and my cat. We've always had cats as a pet, and we have him the longest.
It's funny how you get so attached. He's very spoiled!

I've always loved this picture. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. :D

Me and my nameless tortoise. Isn't he cute???

A mini-me on my first birthday. This is one of my most favourite pictures ever.

My grandfather and I.

Me and my sister. A lot of people think we're twins, but the truth is that she's 3,5 years older than me.

Guess who???

My boyfriend and I at my cousin's wedding.

On a holiday in Naxos, Sicily. I went there with my dad last year.

On a school trip to Oxford. I'm standing in Harry Potter's dining room in Hogwarts!!!
As a Harry Potter-fan, I was so proud to be there. :D

Me and my aunt, who's my personal Carrie Bradshaw. The amount of clothes and shoes she has,
is just beyond imagination. Maybe I'll do a post about her closets someday.

With my best friend, who will leave for America this month. She's going to Portland to be an au pair
for a year. I'm going to miss her so much!

And last but not least ... The blogger meeting where I met Scott Schuman a.k.a. The Sartorialist.
I'll never forget this amazing experience.


  1. Nu ben ik benieuwd naar haar kleerkast! Leuke foto's

  2. so cute, de eerste foto!
    wat een gevoel voor mode toen al (a)


  3. wow lijkt me de max van een tante!
    koddige schildpad!
    was eens een leuke andere post!

  4. hoe gij zijt ooit blond geweest! is wel über schattig ;) & de baby foto = adorable :D een mini-krizia om op te eten (lepel incl.)

    p.s. ik weet niet meer welke link ik heb doorgestuurd, maar op deze link ben ik het actiefst! (het is geen mode blog maar ik ga heel wrs wel eens iets posten i.v.m. kleren of handtassen of schoenen of make-up ;))



  5. Oh my god, you're such a cutie - stylish - pie in the first picture!!




  6. @ Maxie: Dank je wel, meid!

    @ Greet: Ik denk dat je me een andere link had gestuurd. En ja, ik was idd blond, haha. :D

    @ DebbieJ: Thanks a lot! :D

  7. The first picture is adorable! What a cute baby!

  8. @ Emilie: Thank you so much. *blushes


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