New // The Sartorialist Book

In my previous post, I wrote about how I was waiting for the postman to stop by this morning. Shortly afterwards, while I was putting my make up on, the doorbell rang and I almost flew downstairs! There he was, the postman with an Amazon-package in his hands... They're here!

Two copies of The Sartorialist's book - one for me and one for my sister. As you already may know, since we cannot shut up and write about it, we are going to meet Scott Schuman himself very soon,
so it seemed nice to get our books signed!

And as for the second picture: that's my bedside table. Does it show that I'm obsessed with Tinkerbell? It may seem kind of childish, but I still like it...

The picture of Johnny Depp, where he's playing Don Juan DeMarco, has his signature written on it, but it's not visible on the picture. It was a gift from my dad and it is one of my dearest treasures. :D


  1. Yeah, I've got the invitation too so I'll be there in the morning! ;)

  2. I have that book too, and like it very much!

  3. Still have to buy his book - I've been meaning to buy it for a while! Have fun at the Sartorialist event, wish I could be there!

  4. Misschien eentje voor je collectie? ;) http://www.asos.com/Disney-Couture/Disney-Couture-14Ct-Gold-Plate-Sitting-Tink-Pendant/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=212983&abi=1&clr=Gold

  5. well isnt that the cutest lil pic with the troll :)

  6. Ik denk dat ik maandag toch niet naar Maasmechelen kom, ik zit minimum 6u onderweg (heen en terug)... 'k vind het zo jammer, mja heb toch niks om aan te doen ^^


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