Sienna Miller: Like Or Dislike?

Immanuel from Style 4 Guys posted this picture of Matthew Williamson and Sienna Miller on his Facebook.
When I wrote a comment on how I don't like Sienna Miller,
a small discussion occurred. ;)

It basically comes to this:

Immanuel likes Sienna, I don't.
Is the fact that she's with Jude Law, appearing naked on 9 of the 10 pictures that are being taken of her,
having that annoying smirk on her face (Yes, you're holding Matthew's hand, we get it!)
or the fact that she's screwing around with married rich men?
I don't know - I just don't like her.

Immanuel's reply to this?

"You don't like her because you're a woman. Most women don't like her!"

And now I'm wondering...
Do ALL women hate her?
Feel free to post your opinion here - And also explain why you do or don't like Sienna Miller.
I'm curious already!

P.S.: To show you I'm not THAT mean: I really like the way she's dressed... It's just HER I don't like! ;)


  1. Haha, amazing!
    You know how I feel: love love Sienna! Her name, her hair, her style, her boyfriend! :-D
    S-Mills forever!

  2. Vind haar ook niet tof en tis niet omdat ik jaloers ben ofzo :s Er zijn ma weinig celebs dat ik niet graag heb en ze is er zeker één van.
    De ganse affaire met de getrouwde vent was er ook zwaar over...
    Ze is gwn irritant, een zwak afkooksel van Kate.
    Don't like her! :p

  3. she looks amzing, love the blog, great style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  4. Hey!

    I love her!

    I think she looks friendly. She has that way to smile with the eyes... I dunno. She's very 'girl next door'.

    By the way, I love Jude... and I love them together.

    Ok, I'm in a good mood today, everybody's beautiful!

  5. kvind het ook een irritant wicht !!! nooit the fuss rond haar persoon gesnapt eigenlijk

  6. Ik vind haar wel awesome! xD ze is zoo mooi! en ik zou zo'n haar als haar willen hebben ...

    srry krizia ;) maar me loves Sienna Miller x

  7. Ik vind haar wel leuk. Kate Moss staat weliswaar voor mij toch nog een trede hoger, maar ik kan Sienna best wel hebben. En eerlijk? Als ik hand in hand met Matthew zou lopen zou ik ook zo een grijns op mijn gezicht hebben ;-)

  8. I love her style, her hair, the people in her present..
    She got it all.
    But the woman behind it all is irritating me and i don't know what it is!


  9. i love her. her style and her personality. i feel like we can't really assume on her private life because we are not in it. i don't like her and jude together and i don't know how you can forgive someone who cheats but she seems happy so i'm trying not to judge. you never know the real circumstances of the relationship. i love her because she seems very down to earth, easy going, fun, and like a real person. she is a great actress (see interview it's her best role) and she loves her dogs :) + she has a very natural but covetable style.

    i do understand how people don't like her though b/c she's not without controversy :)


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