Shark Attack Loves... // The Cointreaupolitan Star

We all have seen Carrie Bradshaw & Co. drinking Cosmopolitans as if it was water. Forget about that, there's a new cocktail that, I think, will take over that top position.

I wanted to introduce you the Cointreaupolitan Star. The Cointreaupolitan Star will be presented at the Festival of Cannes, to give that little extra to the celebrities that will be strolling around there. The Festival will start at the 12th of May and will end the 23rd of May.

You'll probably be thinking:

'Why the hell is she writing about a cocktail?'

It was the picture of the cocktail that convinced me to write this post. First of all, it is served in the pretty Cosmopolitan / Cointreaupolitan-glasses, which I have always loved. I always wanted the Swarovski ones!

Plus, the cocktail is pink - I'm a girl & I love pink... And last but not least, the glass is decorated with feathers and golden glitters. Yes, for real, golden glitters!!! Just take a look at the picture and you'll know what I mean.

Since not all of us are so lucky to be invited to the Festival of Cannes, there are other options available. You can also taste the Cointreaupolitan Star at l'Axess in Brussels. You could perfectly combine it with a shopping city trip! :)

I rarely drink alcohol, but I'd be willing to make an exception for this! Then again, I'd probably be holding the drink all night long and not drink it, just because it looks so pretty...


  1. yum! I love pink cocktails! when i go to cocktail bars i always ask the barman to make up something new- but make sure its pink! Try it- you always get a new and interesting pink drink xxx

  2. Hee!

    Ik heb hier een tabel gevonden met uitleg over de amerikaanse ringmaten:


    En welke kleur ga jij bestellen?? :p

  3. wat a cute drink

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