Collection // Marc Philippe Coudeyre

My favourite collection at the press event I went to, was definitely the Avalon-collection of Marc Philippe Coudeyre. He is the head designer of Natan, the Belgian brand that dresses our royal family most of the time. Natan has a more classic touch, so I expected the collection of Marc Philippe to be classic too, but it definitely was the opposite. The colours, the fabrics ... Everything is just right. Did you know the jewelry is hand made?

My sister and I kept going back to have a look at the collection over and over again. Even though I like the whole collection, my favourite pieces are the golden / bronze leather shorts, the black glittery jacket and, of course, the black and white outfit I showed you in my previous post.

To see more of Marc Philippe Coudeyre's work or if you would like to buy one of his pieces, you can go to the Princess Blue in Antwerp or to Sketch in Knokke.


  1. Wat een supermooie collectie!

  2. LOVE all the pictures! what a great post

  3. Ziet er echt mooi uit. Vooral de kettingen.
    Spijtig dat ik niet geweest ben.

  4. love the collection!! I'll have a look on it :)


  5. Amazing pieces! Great collection, love the bronze leather shorts!


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