Silver & Gold

I'm going out tonight - Only girls allowed.
We're celebrating the birthday of a friend of mine
(Happy birthday, Marika!), so I decided to keep my outfit all simple for tonight.
The attention has to go to the birthday girl, right???

The weather has improved a lot the last two days, and it's supposed to stay
like that for the next couple of days.
I decided to wear my silver shirt I bought at Rue Blanche:
I love the thin fabric and the way it 'glitters' in the sun.
This shirt definitely belongs to one of my favourites now.
I also bought the tank top in the same colour and fabric.

Since my shirt is silver,
I decided to paint my nails gold - I wanted to break the silver and black pattern.
Too bad the nailpolish isn't really that visible due to the sun.

Shirt: RUE BLANCHE // Jacket: H&M // Pants: H&M // Ankle Boots: NEW LOOK // Sunglasses: RAY BAN // Bag: CHANEL


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  2. chic outfit x


  3. Looking cool, meid!
    Ik hou van zo stofjes gelijk u topje ^^


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