Event // Blogger Meeting With The Sartorialist (Official Pictures)

As I promised you in my previous post:
here are the pictures of The Sartorialist-meeting that were taken by the photographer of Oona.

Mr. Schuman arriving at Maasmechelen Village. I really love this picture. I'm not sure who the two other men are - mabye MMV co-workers? - but I absolutely love the way they are dressed.

Listening intensely to Mr. Schuman. Front row: Immanuel (Style 4 Guys), me, Tiffany a.k.a. my sister (Shark Attack 2), Emi wearing her pretty sunglasses (Frock 'N Roll) and Otto (Otto Van Kerkhove).

A picture of the whole room. I was holding my camera, for those who are wondering why my pose is so strange. ;)

Across the room: David (Dutch Streetstyle) on the far left, Andy (Style Scrapbook) and Ilanka (Fashionnerdic).

Writing in my notebook. ;)

A warm applause for Scott Schuman.

The four copies of The Sartorialist's book that are now in my possession. How did this happen? My sister and I ordered two copies on Amazon and we received two other copies in our goodie bag at the meeting. :D
Three of them are signed now: one for me, one for my sister and one for my brother-in-law. We've decided to use the non-signed copy if we want to have a look in the book and not to use the copies with the autograph.


  1. Great post!
    I met Scott Schuman during Paris Fashion Week, he's so sweet!
    Love your pictures!
    It must have been a great day....lucky you!

  2. wow, really interesting! I adore the Sartorialist!

  3. bellissime foto,complimenti :)


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