The sun is really shining today,
and I still have to get used to how warm it has been the last couple of days.
I don't really like Sundays - There's nothing to do, most stores are closed ...
That's why I'm wearing such a casual outfit today.

The short is from the H&M Garden Collection,
and I love the fabric... So light and thin.
It's perfect for days like these.
Now that I think about it:
My whole outfit is from H&M. :)

I hope you've had a nice weekend!

Trying to skateboard.

My sister and I. This is probably how you'll see us during the whole summer: PALE.
We never get a tan, not matter how long we stay in the sun. :D
I'm OK with that though...
At least we won't be wrinkly by the time we turn 40 - Or at least I hope so!


  1. Leuke outfits van jullie beide, en aghh, ik word ook nooit bruin, join the club ;)

  2. Roll it, gal! :D
    I'm joining the pale skin club, ik word ook moeilijk bruin ^^
    Dat is een leuke van van jullie 2tjes!

  3. fantastische zomer-outfit. Je hebt een toffe blog, dat betekend volgen :)
    Vanwaar ben je ergens? xoxo

  4. Je bent toch vn Maasmechelen he? dan denk ik dat je dicht in mijn buurt woont ik ken die achtergrond precies :D

  5. @ Evi: Ja, haha, ik ben idd van Maasmechelen. Ik woon op de Thomasboslaan! En jij? xxx

  6. Ha ja ik op de majoor Berbenlaan :D 1 straat verder :p


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