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Hey guys! I have some news... I bought a house! Yes, I'm definitely growing up now. The house belonged to my grandparents and after they both passed away, we had to decide what to do with it. We quickly came to the conclusion that we didn't want any strangers living in the house my mother aunt, sister and I grew up in, so my sister and I decided to buy it. It feels kinda scary, since it is a very big step, but I'm so glad that we did it.

Everything that belonged to my grandparents is still in there and when we were cleaning up, I found a couple of silver trays. My mom wanted to throw them away, but I thought it would be perfect to display all of the jewelry that I wear the most. I love mixing the old with the new and even if it is 'just' a tray, it belonged to my grandmother, so it's nice to keep it around. One thing led to another and suddenly, I found myself redecorating my entire bedside table.

My bedside table used to be stacked with little statues from Disneyland (Tinkerbell, the Little Mermaid), trolls (don't ask) and jewelry boxes that are too small to actually put some jewelry in. I gave them all a new home across my room and decided that, next to my jewelry, I wanted my daily make up on there as well. And voilà, you can see the result above and below. 

What do you think about it?

I love big, bold, chunky jewelry -- preferably gold, even though I'm buying silver goodies now and then as well. As you can see, gold and blue is one of my favorite combos; it reminds me of King Tut, which is one of my favorite events in history. 

Above: My grandfather's vintage Gucci watch / YSL ring / Hermès bracelet / Zara silver necklace / Sacha pearl earrings

Two of my favorite fragrances at the moment: Si by Giorgio Armani and Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford. I usually go for strong, intense scents and these two are perfect examples.

All of my MAC babies together, even though some of them might still be in one of my purses somewhere. Lipsticks are one of my addictions (next to shoes, bags and sunglasses). I feel naked without and on the rare occasion that I did go out with nude lips, people told me that I looked sick and asked me if I was okay. It's too funny! I got this plastic organizer at Hema, but I might have to find a bigger one. If you know where to find a nice, see through organizer for lipsticks, do let me know!

I got this jar when my cousin threw her baby shower. It was filled with candy - consider the candy gone in two minutes or so - and it then became the perfect tool to hold my make up brushes and lip pencils. I've seen others filling the jar with colored sand or beads, but it would be an guaranteed nightmare in my case. Anyway, the options are endless.

My MAC x Maleficent face powder, MAC x The Simpsons and MAC x Toledo blushes and MAC x Kelly Osbourne eyeshadows (of which I use the top right color to pimp my eyebrows, if I'm in the mood). I decided to keep them in the open too, because I love the graphics on the packaging and they add a little extra to it all. 

I'm not a make up expert at all so it's nice to have some tools around, like these two books: Style by Lauren Conrad and Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown. I used to be obsessed (well, actually I still am) by Lauren and The Hills, so my friend got me her book. I also have the L.A. Candy series she wrote. Even though the book is called Style, there's also a chapter about beauty and make up. Lauren now also has a book called Beauty, which I'm planning to purchase as well. 

Bobbi Brown is hands down one of my personal favorite beauty gurus. Her Makeup Manual is filled with step by step tutorials to create the perfect look. You know you can't go wrong when an expert is showing you how to do it. I'm planning to sit down and go through her book thoroughly one of these days. 


  1. Oh dat boek van Bobbi Brown! Lijkt me echt superhandig!

  2. I love your blog's name!!!Wonderful!! Enjoy your day, dear!!

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  3. Great post! I wait for my blog, follow me and i Follow you back, kisses

  4. Congrats, that's a big step! Funny how you mention the trolls, they remind me how funny they are :-)
    x Sarah

  5. That silver tray is beautiful! Perfect to showcase the jewelry you're wearing at the moment.
    xx Daniela / Fashion Shower Blog

  6. Leuk georganiseerd! Heel tof dat je een huis hebt gekocht!

  7. Woaaaaw! Proficiat met je (nieuwe) huisje! :-) Nu verwachten we heel binnenkort wel een house tour, hé! ;-)

    1. Dank je wel! Oh jee, dat zal nog wel even duren, hoor, haha.

  8. Amai zo'n uitgebreide make-up stash :D Leuk in die pot trouwens! Ideaal vervangmiddel voor de verdwenen candy :p

    x Aurélie

  9. this is so beautiful.

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  10. Great products on your bedsite table! Love that vintage Gucci watch!

  11. Love all your chunky gold jewelry!!

    adorn la femme

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  13. Nice post nice blog ! In France we say Bravo :)


  14. Congrats on the new house! Love this post, inspired me to organize my stuffs :)

    My Linh


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