Feature: For The Love Of Balenciaga // 3

Hi everyone!

First of all, sorry for the absence on Shark Attack. As you may
have known already, I interned at Maasmechelen Village for the 
last 2 weeks. My internship ended last Friday, but now, I have
a lot of deadlines for school.

I finally got the chance to sleep in today, which didn't happen
for the last 2 months. I feel like I'm re-born.
And is there a better way to wake up and notice you've been 
featured on one of your favorite websites for the 3rd time

Once again, a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the lovely J.
founder of the amazing website For The Love Of Balenciaga.

On the picture, I'm carrying my Raisin City-bag, which was one of
my best purchases ever.
And yes, that's Audrey Hepburn on the painting behind me!

Now I'm off working for school again.
Have a great Sunday!

x Krizia


  1. love the color: great for summer and winter.love the combo with the neutral colors. ps. cool painting

  2. Die tas is zo mooi! *jaloers*
    Fijne zondag nog!

  3. Hoe is je stage gegaan schat? Btw, super weer dit!:D

    x Sabrina


  4. @ Vitalitijd: M'n stage was echt héél leuk! Ik wil terug! :D

    Thanks for the sweet comments, everyone! Xoxo

  5. Great bag, lucky girl!

    Love to read your blog!

    xo thefashionguitar.com

  6. Mooie tas, mooie tas! Zo één in het zwart zou niet misstaan in mijn garderobe :)


  7. Hoe tof is dat zeg! Dat schilderij van Audrey Hepburn is echt heel mooi. Ken je trouwens de blog van Toothfairy? Zij heeft ook een enorme tassenverzameling.X

  8. Thanks again Krizia! That painting is beautiful!

  9. @ Jess: Ja, haar blog bekijk ik regelmatig, om maar niet te spreken van al haar YSL-ringen! :D

    Thanks for the sweet comments and support, girls.
    You're the best!

  10. Gorgeous bag! I love Balenciaga.



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