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I went shopping with my mom and my sister at Maastricht yesterday.
I love to hang out with them, we always have fun.
The driver of the day was ... ME! :D
When I asked my sister if she felt safe with me driving, she immediately said: 'No!'.

Whenever we are in Maastricht, we always go to a small store called Depeche.
They have the coolest items!
I remember going there when I was little - my aunt is addicted to that store and she passed that addiction over to me.
I found this 'Chanel-shirt' there.
I thought it was funny, since there isn't a Chanel-store located at 5th Avenue (If you don't count Chanel at Saks, that is).
The glasses are also a purchase from Maastricht.
I've been wanting these glasses for a while now, but I never found them in the right size.
Until yesterday! :D
My friends were making fun of me when I was wearing them, but I don't care.

Got to save my money now, though.
My boyfriend and I both got days off from work from the 9th until the 19th of July,
and we want to go on a vacation.
I'm going to look at the options in about an hour with my dad,
since my boyfriend is working until 6 p.m.

Shirt: MONDO FUTURO //  Jeans: H&M // Shoes: H&M // Bag: BALENCIAGA



  1. Looking lovely!
    Hou ook van zo'n bril ^^

  2. Leuke outfit! En die bril staat je heel leuk!

  3. you look stunning! I love weird glasses!
    I'm going to study my last course of an Engineering.


  4. Je ziet er mooi uit meid! Ik vind je tas super!

  5. this outfit is perfect!this shirt is amazing, i love it, and in my view those glasses are looking good on you!!

  6. @ Jessica: That's so sweet! Thanks a lot! xx Big kiss.

  7. I looove your outfit, in special your shoes


  8. LOVE THE BAG!!!!! I'm dying for a balenciaga bag :(
    Also the shoes are adorable, I have them in fuschia.
    The glasses usually look bad on other peeps, but you pulled them off very well :D



  9. Boehoe to the friends!
    Nerd brillen zijn hip, maar je moet er mee staan! And you rock them!
    Blijven dragen dus!


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