The Sun Is Shining...

So I'm in a very good mood.
Not only because of the weather, but also due to the fact that I got my driver's license yesterday!
I really had to pass, because my temporary license would expire next month.
I'm going to pick up my best friend later - I'm sure it will be pretty hilarious. :D

I just wanted to show you my outfit that I'm wearing today.
I really love the combination of the black, short vest and the white t-shirt with the big black crown.

Shirt: MANGO // Vest: H&M // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: H&M // Bag: CHANEL // Ring: YSL 

P.S.: Thanks for all the comments on my previous posts!
It's nice to see that people like and appreciate what I write and post here!

P.P.S.: Yes, I'm missing a button, I know. :D

Close up:

Ok, I am pale, but not THAT pale. Just an unfortunate twist of light. :D
And yes, I admit I wanted to show you my new ring again. ;)
It's a darker blue though - Blame the light again!


  1. Leuke casual outfit! En wat is je ring mooi!
    x Judith

    ps: het antwoord op je vraag staat op mn blog ;-)

  2. Great outfit! I'm so jealous, I want that ring!!
    I love the contrast between the dark vest and the light jean!!

  3. The ring looks great on you! Is it still feeling tight? Because it looks like a perfect fit on the pictures!

    The color is just gorgeous!

  4. Love ur chanel bag!!


    The chic attitude

  5. @ Mona P.: Hi Mona, thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it. The ring doesn't feel that tight anymore. I think I had to get used to it or something. :D

  6. nice outfit and....OMG THAT RING !!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT !!!
    CIAO !


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