Debuting The Jacket.

I had my history exam today, and it was absolutely brutal!
Last night, I studied until about 11.30 pm, and I got up at 6 a.m. to check my notes again.
And still, I don't have a good feeling about it - I guess I just have to wait and see!

My next exam isn't until next week, so I have a couple of days to breathe again.
When I got home from school, I decided it was time to show you a jacket that I
have for a while, but never made it to the blog.
Why? I don't know, because I love this jacket!

I found it at Pinko quite some time ago, and I just had to have it.
I'm attracted to pretty much everything that glitters, and this jacket wasn't an exception.
I love, love, love the laced pattern and the rhinestones.
It is delicate to wear the jacket though, since the stones and embellishment do
come off quickly.

I didn't wear this jacket to school, because the weather was terrible this morning.
But it's getting better now, which is a perfect opportunity to wear it!

Jacket: PINKO // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: H&M 

A better look at the details.


  1. Echt een heel mooi jasje! Wat jammer dat de steentjes er zo makkelijk afvallen, van Pinko zou je toch betere kwaliteit verwachten...
    Hopelijk is je geschiedenis examen veel beter gegaan dan je dacht!

    xx Judith

  2. Ik hou echt van zo jasjes, je moet nie veel moeite doen om er chique mee uit te zien!
    Echt prachtig :)

  3. I found your blog by CHICISMO !! I love all your outfit and style !!

    XX from spain ;)

  4. @ M.rolez: Thank you so much! That's so sweet of you! xxx

  5. I love, love, love that jacket, too! Laced patterns are great! :) The weather was bad yesterday here in the US too, but it's nice and sunny out now!

  6. Gorgeous jacket!!



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