Chanel Nouvelle Vague

I've finally got the chance to paint my nails with Chanel's Nouvelle Vague.
Every 3 weeks I go to a friend of mine to get a manicure, and she does a great job every time.

Up until 2 hours ago, my nails were gold, as you can see in this post.
Not anymore!
I really love the Nouvelle Vague - It really has something fresh.
(It sounds weird, I know!)
The effort my sister had to do to get her hands on it, probably has something to do with that too. ;)

You're probably wondering why I just didn't change my nailpolish, instead of waiting 3 weeks.
Well, when my friend puts on nail polish, she also puts a transparent layer over it,
so that the nail polish stays nice and pretty.
I tried to apply nail polish myself a couple of times, but within 5 minutes my nails were already ruined!

I'm off watching some Gossip Girl episodes, eating a Magnum Gold!
Gosh, I wish Benicio Del Toro himself would come and give it to me. :D


  1. aaaaaaawww, die kleur is echt prachtig!!! Wou dat ik hem ook had! Zo zomers en fris :) love it! Veel plezier met Gossip Girl kijken, had ik daar nu ook maar tijd voor :D

  2. that's such a gorgeous chanel nail polish, love love love it!

  3. I have that same, and your balenciaga raisin is beautiful I would like have once also one:)
    You are happy girl!



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