Sorry for the lack of posts but...

I've been sick as hell!

- High fever.
- A soar throat - I can only eat yoghurt for the moment.
- The soar throat also makes my ears hurt.
- My back hurts - No idea where that came from.
- No energy at all!


- Sleeping two days straight.
- The doctor had to come to my house. - Thank God he lives just across the street!
- Taking antibiotics - Those pills are huge. They go great with a soar throat. *sarcasm
- Not being able to study for two days and I have exams coming up.

I've picked up studying again, even though I still feel like *tuut*,
but I really have no other choice.

P.S. My friend Katerina has started her on blog, mostly on make-up.
She calls herself a MAC-aholic. :D
Every girl likes make-up, so check out her blog.
She makes great tutorials on how to apply make-up!

Her blog is: Peaches Tells You


  1. Ooooooh thanks honey :D
    whoop woop!
    We bloggers UNITE! hahahahaha

    En nog veel beterschap, hopelijk gaan de rest van je examens nog goed


  2. hope you feel better soon lovely :)
    and you look so pretty in the photo, adore your ring!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


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