Outfit // The Bolero

Two days ago, I went to Antwerp with my mom and sister. Starbucks opened there a while ago, and I just had to have a frappuccino chocolate with whipped cream! I was ready to pay when I noticed I left my wallet at home - which is an hour drive from Antwerp. Thank God my mom was right beside me, so she could pay for me.

We went to eat at the Wok Away, one of my favourite places to have lunch when I'm in Antwerp. Now that I think about it, we always go there. I would recommend the wok combination with chicken, rice and a sushi set, which you can see on the first picture. (I already ate some sushi when I took the pictures - there were more sushi pieces when I got the plate. Oops.) I'm getting hungry already!

I wanted to look for the 'red roses-jacket' (or dress) from the Garden-collection of H&M. I found the jacket, but when I tried it on, I noticed that it wasn't made for me. It looks so great on other people, so I was a little bit bummed that I looked horrible on me. I was looking around, when I noticed this black velvet bolero with golden decorations on it... and immediately fell in love with it and forgot about the roses-jacket. My mom bought it for me... Thanks mom, I love you!


Bolero: H&M // Jeans: H&M // Shirt: H&M // Heels: NEW LOOK // Bag: CHANEL


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