Fashion News // Lady Gaga Writes On Her Birkin

One of my best friends shared a link on my Facebook to an article about Lady Gaga. Apparently, Lady Gaga is in Tokyo and when she arrived there, she had a message for her fans in a special way.

She wrote a message on her white Birkin-bag for her Japanese fans. (She also had the message written on her arm.) According to the website I found the article and pictures on, the message says:

"I love little monsters. Tokyo love."

Since I'm not Japanese, I don't know if the message is correct. Any Japanese reader who could translate it correctly? :D

Apparently, a lot of women are mad at Lady Gaga, due to the long waiting lists and the fact that the Birkin-bag costs a fortune. I'm not really mad at her, since it is her Birkin-bag and she can do with it what ever she wants.

What do you think?



  1. OMG!!!!!!
    she has written on her birkin.....crazy, crazy, crazy!!!



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